MyGen: C&C Red Alert 3 Review

MyGen writes: "Let's all take a trip back to the year 2000. Westwood are riding high after the release of Red Alert 2, and the world is breathing a collective sigh of relief because they didn't have to play through something as bad as Tiberium Sun all over again. Of course, things happened and Westwood ended up getting absorbed into the EA machine. The resulting Command & Conquer products have been a bit of a bumpy ride. Still, Red Alert was always much too prominent a franchise to waste.

Of course, the trouble with making sequels to near-dormant intellectual properties is that developers have to cater to an extremely protective legion of fans with imaginations clouded by eight years of rose-tinted nostalgia. They're also forced to take the series in exciting new directions to please stroppy critics. Rounding the whole affair off, there's a compulsory shift towards simplification and streamlining so that publishers can attempt to cater to new players who haven't been playing the series since 1995. All in all, that's a bit of a tall order. I don't envy EA Los Angeles."

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