Xbox wants to release a game every three months

The company lays out its ambition to reach billions of gamers

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DJStotty13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Not bad, 4 games a year?

Twice as many as we normally get /s

Edit : just having a bit of fun, excited to see what xbox has in store for us gamers, roll on Sunday :p

TheProblem13d ago

It’s just words.

It’s been over a year since Microsoft released anything decent.

The last AAA blockbuster title MS released was gears 5. Nearly 2 YEARS ago

CaptainHenry91613d ago

Just relying on Gears and the other two every decade says a lot about Microsoft. I'm actually glad that they acquired Bethesda

Mulando13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Well Flight Simulator if you count in PC. But there were some smaller releases.
But yes, they should really deliver good games. With so many studios more than once a quarter.
The big problem they have is, that they release only so few games and not everyone likes every game. So they should at least deliver more games over the year so everyone has something to play.
E.g. I don't like Souls-like games ... they are work not games (IMHO). I like good stories but story-driven games so far are rare these days.
And not, naughty dog games are not an alternative. To repetitive and action focused for my taste. Currently player Uncharted 1-4 and already bored at 30% (currently at 70%) Uncharted 1 because it is so repetitive ... always enemies in waves .. why not fewer of them but more "intelligent". Always those mass shootings ... I'm to old for this stuff ^^

Axecution13d ago (Edited 13d ago )


Uncharted 1 is the one that most people didn't even play and it's the one that aged the most for sure. It was Naughty Dog just kinda getting into ps3 development.
Uncharted 2 is the one that broke records for GOTY awards. I loved them all but most people started at 2.

itsmebryan13d ago

@the problem
They didn't have more studios than Sony back them. They could easily put out a game every AAA game every 3 months. Plus gamepass, the Xbox will have a great run.

Tedakin13d ago

Ori 2. Flight Simulator? Both over 90 on Metacritic.

Abbott12313d ago

Yeah im sure they invested all that money in studios so they can continue to not release games. Its coming up to the two year mark since them acquisitions, with the pandemic its got to be only another year or so before we start seeing games from these studios……surely haha

DJStotty13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I dunno, i would say decent is purely subjective, since Gears 5 they have released :-

Wasteland Remastered
Bleeding Edge
Minecraft Dungeons
The Bard's Tale: Remastered and Resnarkled

Just for xbox, another handful of titles for PC and mobile.

Although not AAA it is not like they are not working on things, Halo was supposed to launch last year, but instead got pushed back. These studios have been hard at work for around 3 years on new games, and we will get to witness some of them come Sunday.

bouzebbal12d ago

Imagine this is only PR and talking about 4games.. In reality it'll be max 1

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CaptainHenry91613d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Quantity over quality??? Hmm don't know about this. Are they talking about AAA games every 3 months?

darthv7213d ago

That is the formula for successful platforms. PS1, PS2, PS4, Wii... all have quantity over quality (ratio of A-AA vs AAA)

knightedHollow13d ago

Yea that's kinda the issue. More games is great but will they be any good? Unlikely.

Anyways they have a chance to prove themselves.

Not sure what you're talking about. Nintendo exclusives are AAA and always quality. PlayStation exclusives whether AAA or AA are almost always quality.

In the case of PlayStation they have quality AND quantity.

Xbox for a long time has had neither quality nor quantity.

Lore13d ago

Sony could do this as well if they actually invested in more studios. Just imagine their output if they did.

darthv7213d ago (Edited 13d ago )

@hollow, I was referring to the libraries as a whole. 1st/2nd party games generally represent a small portion of a platforms overall quantity of games. And often times are seen as the quality. The remaining portion is comprised of 3rd party exclusive and multiplat titles and those can vary in terms of development budget (A-AAA) and quality. A successful platform has a very diverse library of titles developed at differing levels of A-AAA and usually you find the quantity of the titles overall outpace the quality ones.

GlaciusZero13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

First it was MS will have no games now we're just assuming they won't be quality games now. I knew that would be the next excuse.

Releasing games every 3 months is 100% doable with the amount of studios they have. Realize they all won't be 1 AAA game. 2 will AA with at least AAA every year. That's definitely achievable if MS plays their cards right.

rakentaja13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Whatever the studios will decide to release. Microsoft does not say what and how they should develop games. If you release a bad game, it will bring you less money and lower your reputation. No one wants that, right ? Even if it's in game pass. A considerable quantity is also sold on discs.

Army_of_Darkness13d ago

@lore "Sony could do this as well if they actually invested in more studios. Just imagine their output if they did."

Could?? 🤣 Bro, they are about to release their 3rd current gen exclusive in a few days! And you think Sony needs to invest in more studios to do that?! Where have you been?? Demon souls remake, Returnal and now ratchet and clank. That's 3 games already....

wiz719112d ago

@Knightedhollow I just purchased a Switch, and outside of the normal Nintendo exclusives the rest are the niche Japan titles. It’s only about 5 games that I really wanted to play and I have them already.

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neutralgamer199213d ago

I think it will take them 2-3 years to get to that point where they can release 3-4 games per year. Because most of their acquisitions released games right before being acquired. Game development takes time especially if we are talking about AAA gaming

For example Sony bend they release days gone few years back and are now just starting work on a new IP. Sequels are easier to do but could still take 2-3 years.

I just want Xbox to focus on quality, not all 23 studios need to do AAA games as some could do smaller AA titles. But I really hope Xbox focuses on AAA games because those are the system sellers and really create hype for the console.

I have always felt with GP Ms just want content regardless of quality. This isn't the right mindset. Games like bleeding edge shouldn't be the answer. We have to realize game industry is filled with delays. Yes I do want more exclusives on XSX but I want quality over quantity. Like halo later this year has to be close to 90 on metacritic. It's their biggest IP and it's time they bring the Bungie level quality to next halo

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Petebloodyonion13d ago

I have to disagree with you regarding Gamepass, I don't want to have all the game be AAA games that require me to play 1000000000000000 hours and plus to enjoy the game. That's the beauty of Gamepass you can find something for all tastes and there are tons of games that let you try games without the risk of being burned by a genre or a style.
Have you tried Haven? it's a nice game that reminds me of Journey on Ps4
Gears Tactic if you want game like Excom Ufo
Streets of Rage 4, Xeno Crisis, Carrion, Backbone...

My point is I don't mind a good B movie from time to time or something Cheezy and don't need to have only Avengers movie quality.

As for halo infinite don't hold your hope up for a great score. The media has already passed judgment on the game long ago just like they did with Day's Gone.
Expect a 6 to 8( ign) at best with comments like
Having the multiplayer missing is like taking the heart of Halo
It's clear that the game was designed with Xbox1 in mind and it shows in the design and limitation

DJStotty13d ago

AAA games will take around 3-5 years to complete.

I'm fully expecting some decent gameplay of these projects come Sunday, along with a surprise or two.

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RedDevils12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Those games you listed look awful, thank god I didn't spend more than $1 from it lol

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shabz66613d ago (Edited 13d ago )

23 studios and xbox games publishing, if they can plan the release dates well and get their teams to maintain high quality while hitting their launch dates on time, they will eventually take more of the market share, they have a big chip on their shoulder since last gen thanks to their first party drought.

Before anyone gets too excited remember this is a company that delayed infinite for a year which was to be a launch title for series x. The definition of poor planning. Maybe they can get their excel spreadsheets in order and plan it out. If they can get this machine rolling with high quality consistent game releases and wider access to said games through cloud and streaming sticks, people will start looking to jump in to their ecosystem themself.

Services are only as good as the content they provide, and content will always be king. To push their gamepass service , their high quality console in the series x, they need to have high quality games, it's good to know they know this. Exciting times

Mr Pumblechook13d ago

In 2020 two of Microsoft's big studio acquisitions paid off with exclusive Xbox games; Obsidian released Grounded and Ninja Theory released Bleeding Edge. Now all it has to do is double that output.

shabz66613d ago (Edited 13d ago )

This would not work if quality isn’t maintained. Ninja theory explicitly said they have been working on bleeding edge, even before the acquisition. Both these games you mentioned are very AA in scope. Although grounded has gained some traction. What these studios can do with the infrastructure and resources of a tech giant like Microsoft is still to be seen.

The only evidence we have of what studios are capable of is looking at teams like the coalition, turn 10, rare and 343i. Time money and talent is the perfect combo for teams to make great games.

Would really love to see games that actually are fun to play and experience. The world needs more studios like naughty dog etc. it’s a win win for gamers. Sucks to be a fanboy.

SpineSaw13d ago

How is releasing games that very few play paying off? The Bleeding Edge was dead on release and the other was forgotten long ago. These 2 games are a small step above shovelware both were Game Pass filler and I hope these are not the type of games Microsoft is working on but after seeing the Craig coming out party maybe Game Pass filler is the best they can do.

FlavorLav0113d ago

“Paid off”!? I doubt that either of those two games put a dent to what it cost to acquire those teams. Gamepass filler at best. I expect bigger better things out both those teams on their next games though

KillBill13d ago

Grounded technically has not been released yet. It is still in early access.

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RosweeSon13d ago

We’re still waiting for their launch games 🤣

shabz66613d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Lol yes they have still not had a single first party release for series x|s. The only native release for them was medium from bloober. Even the one first party launch game (halo infinite) as you said we are still waiting for it. Which is again cross gen.

But you have to see the outlook of what Sony is doing now announcing all the xdev collaborations. Like from haven and now deviation games, no trailers just logos and hype. All of these are investments are a reminder that Sony knows that the ms first party output will kick into high gear in a few years.

Unlike the Sony fanboys Sony is pretty smart to see this, and their investment is a great move, if ms first party strategy is successful in delivering consistent quality quarterly , ms can be very competitive and eat up sonys market share.

ABizzel113d ago

Xbox isn't taking marketshare in the traditional console race. We've seen 3 generations of Xbox and 4 generations of PlayStation which is over 20 years for both consoles now. That's been enough time to realize that PlayStation is simply the more popular platform globally with the PS3 vs 360 generation showing that PlayStation at its worst is still able to slightly edge out Xbox at its best. Sony's hold on Europe, Asia, and RoW territories is just too much, and now since North America is back to being neck in neck with PlayStation pulling ahead, marketshare loss is not going to happen.

This is why Xbox is looking at new markets to enter, such as digital streaming to TVs, and leading with GamePass. Console sales are a losing battle without a complete overhaul of the entire brand which is not a risk a major corporation wants to take when they already have billions invested and tens of millions of users.

GamePass and Streaming Xbox is their new market (aka software), to get back into competing in the hardware sales battle with PlayStation, then Xbox has to go down to the root of tradition and basically be a mini iTX gaming PC that runs an Xbox version of Windows OS to try to appease both Xbox console gamers (who are buying regardless) and tempt budget /mid-range PC gamers which is a large pool of gamers.

shabz66612d ago

No matter what they do, be its streaming apps on tv, a new mini gaming PC or cheaper systems for a low barrier of entry, they will never eat the playstation market share without the games. People dive into ecosystems looking for games. If xbox made quality games like sony first party does now, it's hard to imagine a world where playstation would be leading.

Ps is leading purely because of industry defining games, games that take years of time budget and talent. Xbox finally has enough breathing room between all of its studios to attempt high quality games now. I really hope they don't fudge it up. People go where the games are, it's as simple as that. I feel Microsoft is waking up to that reality.

Gardenia13d ago

They've been saying that for years now.

Aloymetal13d ago

Can't post a link yet so here you go.....(From Google-

''Microsoft Plans to Release a 1st Party Xbox Game About Every 3 Months With XGP Being This Timeframe’s Main Driver''

Jun 11, 2019 04:45 EDT

dbcoops13d ago

If you need a link you either haven't been paying attention or you're in denial. Probably the latter.

Atom66613d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I thought that was what op was referencing.

This has been their stated goal for a while, hasn't it? It's basic math.

Looks like Booty's math got a lot easier after Bethesda, too. Real question will be if they can learn that 4 games in the fall is not the same as releasing every 3 months...

No denial. I just think the "oh they've been saying that for years" crowd and "journalists" should work on reading and math skills.

Subs need constant content. Content comes from devs. Devs take 3-5 years to make games.

Put those together, and what do you think is their goal?

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alb189913d ago

Not with owning all this studios.

13d ago
King_Noctis13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

“And doing nothing with them.
Less talk, more showing.”

You know, you’re right. Why haven’t we thought of this. MS just paid companies Playground Game, Obsidian, and Bethesda to sit on their asses and doing nothing. Fable, Awoved, Starfield, Hellblade 2, Perfect Dark, Indiana Jones, and ES 6 only exist in our heads.

RosweeSon12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

And still not a single release date 😑🤣
King noctis, no those games aren’t in our heads they not in our hands either and won’t be for at least another 12-18 months. You mentioned Indy, how much of that did they show, oh yeah a logo and you think that’ll be out anytime soon 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣 🤣🤷🏻‍♂️

King_Noctis12d ago

“ And still not a single release date 😑🤣
King noctis, no those games aren’t in our heads they not in our hands either and won’t be for at least another 12-18 months.”

So what do you want them to do? Release those unfinished games right now? Fact of the matter is they do have games in production and all of their acquired studios aren’t there just to sit on their ass and do nothing.

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Tedakin13d ago

They didn't own Bethesda, Ninja Theory, Obsidian plus more until recently.

Zhipp12d ago

But that statement does explain why they went on such a massive buying spree

GlaciusZero13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Lol no they haven't.

Edit: that's right they did. Well it's good to see they're still on track in doing so. That article was 2 years ago. One year after they acquired all those studios. Once their studios starting releasing games and having a rhythm they can release 3 games a year.

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SPEAKxTHExTRUTH13d ago ShowReplies(2)
chobit_A5HL3Y13d ago

it's a good idea if they can actually deliver good games. it sucks having to wait indefinitely for interesting games sometimes.