Xbox Will Be Built Into TVs, Xbox-Branded Streaming Devices Announced

Microsoft has high hopes for Xbox Game Pass and growing it into the future.

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Community105d ago
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Vengeance1138105d ago

RIP The traditional Xbox console.

darthv72105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

They still got at least one more traditional box in the pipeline.

itsmebryan105d ago

Do you have a link to what you are saying or are you just making it up?

itsmebryan105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

I read the article. Where did it say had only one left in the pipeline?
The way they are talking they will continue to make Xbox. That's what I was talking about.

darthv72105d ago

@bryan, I said "at least one" not "only one" They could have 20 for all we know.

TheEnigma313105d ago

nah, ain't happening. They've positioning themselves for this for years now.

1Victor105d ago

🤦🏿 Was my reaction and people near by started to look at me weirdly on the public transportation 🤷🏿 🤣

ABizzel1104d ago

You can already do this with most Android based TVs, NVIDIA shield TV, Android phones with HDMI. Just download Xcloud or a GamePass APK and you're good to go. Of course, it's streaming only, but it's an option for more casual gamers.

Working with telecom to sell Xbox's is interesting. The model works for phones, but the entire benefit behind it is that they are also being sold with service. Xbox doesn't have cellular unless they plan on making a model that does, so I don't see the incentive of this for mobile providers unless it's sold as an accessory that they can make a profit on, or it comes bundled as a benefit to buying Home Internet from them.

I mean if you get internet and for an extra $30/mo. for 2 years you get a Series X and GamePass it's really not a bad offer (it makes the Xbox and 2 years of GamePass $720 instead of $860), but these kinds of promotions often come at the expense of getting new service, which is where the issue comes into play.

I'm indifferent to it overall, it's again good for the masses who can't buy a console, and the only real way Xbox is going to potentially grow their business further than what they've achieved in the console space, since they lost the traditional "war". But this is starting to sound real Google Stadia like which was met with hate and doubt Day 1. Xbox still had their console and they have a better subscription model than what Google had, so we'll have to wait and see.

S2Killinit104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

And you are happy with that? We been saying MS is going in this direction forever now.

bouzebbal104d ago

I respect their choice, my problem is it will be always online and only streaming cause no way I’ll download a 50+ GB game on TV..

TheGreatGazoo30104d ago

Traditional consoles aren't going away anytime soon. Even MS has said that. These are just more options to get more people engaged.

104d ago
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DJStotty105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Why would the console go anywhere?

They would not launch a console with the moniker "series" if they planned on not continually releasing hardware.

Nitrowolf2105d ago

That’s not really sound logic all considering their past Xbox naming

darthv72105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

There will be additional entries in the Series line but they will all be variants on the existing two we have. Like a Series E which would be the same as the current Series S (10gb and 512mb) as the new S is likely to get a bump in storage (1tb) and memory (12gb). The Current X will also get an increase in storage (2tb) but otherwise it will remain unchanged. They could then release a series Y with 2tb (or more) storage as well as an increase to 24gb of memory.

zawepa104d ago

RIP The traditional Xbox console. "

I think Sony already did this though.
They made ps3 tvs and phones that could play psp games. It was not that successful but I don't think the brand failed as a whole.

kneon104d ago


The words 'logic' and 'xbox naming' don't really belong in the same sentence.

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-Foxtrot105d ago

People might disagree but seriously, even last gen we had hints of something like this happening so I don't know why people are so surprised at Microsofts obvious new goal, it's not about consoles, it's about everything. It's like their 2013 plans that were rejected but on a drip feed.

Personally I think the next Xbox will become something that just accompanies regular smart TVs if the general consumer doesn't have a TV with Xbox build into it. Rather than paying money on getting an Xbox TV, Microsoft will say "Well if you buy the console you can upgrade your regular TV into an Xbox TV".

I just find it funny most of us saw this coming, about how they'd want to push Xbox / Gamepass onto everything they could yet people said it would only be Xbox/PC. If Xbox TVs are coming now, at the start of this new gen then where will we be at the end of this gen?

Xbox want to be the Netflix of games and sooner or later, regardless of what they will say, they won't give a shit about traditional consoles and most likely physical discs.

Atom666105d ago

Lol. Your foresight is amazing. Here I was thinking that the company that has dumped billions upon billions into the cloud, and is led by a CEO who came from their cloud division, somehow secretly believed that local hardware was the future!

Of course they're looking to a cloud-first model. It's literally their company's biggest focus.

It's also the inevitable future.

hiawa23105d ago

I just said and thought the same. This seems like a great move as far as I am concerned. No surprise here. The more options the better.

darthv72105d ago

And you know Sony is following everything MS does and will put their own spin on it. So we should expect PSNow to expand and be like other streaming apps on modern TV sets. Just choosing from the remote, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, XCloud, PSNow...

rlow1105d ago

How did you come to that conclusion? They want a full ecosystem and the console is part of that. I see more powerful consoles coming out in the future along with everything else. Why would they abandon the console crowd when they want Gamepass to grow and not shrink?

lodossrage105d ago


Actually, Sony did have PS Now built into TV's and set to boxes for awhile back in the early days. So it's not like they haven't done it before. They just didn't see any value in it

darthv72105d ago

@lodoss... I know. they pulled the plug on it too soon. Renewed vision of PSNow (with more newer games) could be the catalyst they need to bring it back and in more brands than their own.

chiefJohn117105d ago

Huh? That make 0 sense. It's a stick like chrome cast or firestick not an actual TV with Xbox built into it (that'll be Hella expensive) they're probably gonna partner and get an app for smart TV so the stick isn't needed

343_Guilty_Spark105d ago (Edited 105d ago )


Microsoft still makes Surface products, PC peripherals, and Xbox hardware. They don't just do cloud. Maybe you haven't noticed but they have their hands in a lot of jars. Satya is a cloud guy and yet they still make hardware. So this narrative that they are abandoning dedicated hardware doesn't make any sense and there is very little evidence to support your statement.

gamer7804105d ago

Yah the year 3000 is going to be lit when console hardware dies out… lol

1Victor105d ago

So in the hypothetical that Sony eventually does make a Xbox tv because you know it’s coming along with Samsung and others big manufacturers will the name be Sony Xbox tv or Xbox Sony tv 🤔 🤪 😂

Donjune105d ago

Why should they give a shite! The business practices seem to be on point!

CaptainHenry916105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

We all knew this was going to happen. Microsoft is like we only care about game pass subscriptions LMFAO It is what it is

fr0sty104d ago

Sony doesn't need to copy them, they're not the ones trying to compete with the leader and failing generation after generation. They own the local console market, they own the first party game development market, they don't need to become a service to survive.

Godmars290104d ago

Given MS's track record, that of most tech companies, feels more like train on full speed that going to find out too late the bridge is out.

Unless they can deliver streaming within a given time, shorten the likely teething period on the main market, this could very well be their Stedia. May be it regardless if they've over estimated Xbox brand popularity.

Though there's no chance that that happened - /s

OB1Biker104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

I think they don't want to retire from the hardware. They just want to kill traditional consoles and get a monopoly. PC gaming more like. It has always been the plan.

DJStotty104d ago

Everyone saw it coming, because it has been the messaging from Xbox for years now.

They have always pushed the message that gamers should be able to play great games on any device they wish.

I don't know how much more clearer they can be.

DJStotty104d ago


What i find hilarious and quite hypocritical, is Sony put Playstation games on TV's well before Xbox have, but then it was ok, now it is the demise of the xbox console as we know it.

Last time i checked Playstation still released a console, even after being on TV's/Mobiles/handhelds and PC's

CYALTR104d ago

I could see them partnering with a TV manufacturer (Sony?? LOL) to make an Xbox TV just as a demo. Some people would buy it, but the main play is getting the app for Smart TV's. Apparently you an do a work around already if you have an Android TV, but they would really need to get a company like Roku on board to really make this work.

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ReadyPlayer22105d ago

They already announced that they're already creating their next gen hardware because they knew you fanboys would try to spread this narrative.

SirBruce105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Xbox Series S consoles were dead before arrival and Microsoft knew it.

Kerppamaister105d ago

Weird, my Series S is working perfectly fine. But you know better, obviously.

105d ago
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itsmebryan105d ago

They have been saying that for years and the Xbox is still here. Smh

chiefJohn117105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Nah cloud isn't even an option for competitive MP. I don't even attempt to play shooters or fighter like MK via Cloud I stick to rpgs, and SP. Or less competitive MP games/CoOp. Nothing tops console mane

Kavorklestein105d ago

Not everyone plays that stuff. It's called Options. And of course consoles are better Durhhhh.

DatDoe210105d ago

There will still be Xbox consoles. This for streaming game pass games. Microsoft will continue to release consoles for those of us who want the best experience and/or dont want to stream their games.

Sayai jin105d ago

Their goal is to reach as many people as possible. MS has stated clearly that they want game pass everrywhere, including Xbox consoles. So on Xbox, TVs (Samsung first), streaming devies. Only MS knows what their plan is, but I will say that they have been very deliberate on their messaging othe Xbox game plan. They have been setting this up for a while. They have been working with Samsung for a year or more to get the Xbox installer on their TVS.

MS knows hardcore and many causual gamers will want consoles, but they eant it to be on TVS, smartphones, etc. All can be true without detriment or the end to another.

The success of this plan is undetermined, but so far game pass is very popular. If it dows catch on on all other will bring their games and select 3rd party game pass games to almost everyone. This has never been done before.

gamer7804105d ago

Ready for the people that don’t understand having options… lol

bleedsoe9mm105d ago

They use xbox hardware in xcloud, so money put into R&D covers both cloud and console development

Eidolon105d ago

Streaming games still sucks in my area until we can get fiber optics probably. I've tried all sorts of streaming services with the best available internet. Nope, can't do it, the input lag is way too much to be enjoyable for anything that requires constant motion.

CYALTR104d ago

This is a constant and real issue. However, think how many more people today have access to high speed internet than 10 years ago. This is a long term play for MS. You don't wait until everyone is able to access something. You start early, and figure out the way to work out the issues. Then by the time everyone else figures it out, you are ahead of the game. The is the MS plan. I am not a fortune teller, so I do not know if it will be successful or not. I tend to think that it will be, 5 or 10 years down the road. Time will tell. It is undeniable that technology, including internet speed, is only moving forward, more and more online. It's a valid argument on if this is a good thing for society, personally I think not, but that is for another discussion.

104d ago
porkChop104d ago

This is just for cloud gaming/streaming. There will always be a market for dedicated consoles.

Abbott123104d ago

Not unless streaming becomes a lot more popular than traditional gaming which they still have a long way to go before that happens. Right now just do what i do and treat it as a cool alternative and hopefully within a few years it is genuinely a viable option for gaming over traditional hardware.

King_Noctis104d ago

Xbox Series S and X still exist, at least for the foreseeable future.

Spenok104d ago

But according to them, consoles are EXTREMELY important to their future plan!

Not sure how much even they believe that.

TimeSkipLuffy104d ago

You assume that everyone is going to buy a new high end TV that has XBOX console included? The standalone console will not go away. The XBOX hardware won't be built in into all TVs plus there are gamers who like to take their consoles on travels or to friends to play together.

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Paleblood105d ago

"Direct sales of MLB The Show 21 on Xbox were strong too, becoming the No. 1 overall best-selling paid game on Xbox for April 2021."

Ironic that a Playstation developed game becomes number 1 on Xbox.

Looks like Xbox is abandoning the console and moving to streaming like Google Stadia.

Vengeance1138105d ago

Also shows how few games Xbox actually has when an annual sports title is the top game of the month.

dumahim105d ago

Are FIFA and Madden not huge sellers?

darthv72105d ago

So it's success has nothing to do with it being baseball season?

Orchard105d ago

So you're saying Playstation also has very few games since FIFA and Madden regularly are top sellers there and outsell any exclusive? Interesting.

chiefJohn117105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Even with success haters will try to twist the narrative to make it a bad thing some how lmao the doom and gloom is hilarious
Lol spend thousands of dollars? Gamepass saves you thousands foo

wiz7191104d ago

I mean granted it’s the only baseball game out there outside of the 2K series. What you expect its on gamepass as well, I even downloaded it just to try it out. Only played it 3 times since downloading it.

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DJStotty105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

This "last xbox console" has been thrown around since the xbox one launch, and here we are 4 consoles later.

Xbox will never abandon a traditional home console, their strategy is to reach all types of gamers, not abandon a userbase because you can now "stream".

So this "integration with TV's" will simply be Xcloud on a TV, so the games you can stream to your phone today, the same will apply for the TV's with this built in.

Will not affect the console base at all.

Darkborn105d ago

It will when Microsoft wants to actually make a profit for once with Xbox. The console hardware never made a cent of profit since the original Xbox, gamepass has never made profit, most first party titles don't make profit, their recent acquisitions and the ones a few years ago never made profit. Are they a charity company now?

Vengeance1138105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

MS likes to slowly push their audience in a certain direction and this will be no different. Why do you think MS has slowly been abandoning Games with Gold with very subpar monthly games? So their audience can be pushed onto GamePass which would visually have the "better value".
MS doesn't care if anyone at all buys their console, they care about subscriber numbers and ONLY subscriber numbers. Why charge you a flat $499 for a console when they can keep on charging you thousands of dollars for a subscription for the next 10-20-30 yrs?
Not to mention! If you think MS won't continuously RAISE the price per month of GamePass, you're kidding yourself. Even Netflix can't survive being Netflix without constantly increasing the price which is now getting uncomfortably high at about $16/month for normal HD.

CaptainHenry916105d ago

"Even Netflix can't survive being Netflix without constantly increasing the price which is now getting uncomfortably high at about $16/month for normal HD."

You're so right about Netflix. One of the reason's why I canceled them

PrinceAli105d ago

But Xbox One WAS gonna get scrapped/cut short after its disastrous launch, that is a face not an opinion.

John_McClane105d ago

I couldn't agree with you more!

CYALTR105d ago

I wouldn't say "never", but not just yet

Petebloodyonion104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

@ Darkborn
So I guess you were panicking back in 2014 when Sony made exactly the same move by having PS Now installed in Sony TV and Bluray player?
And I know Xbox is sucking bad, losing money, etc. but what I don't understand is how come 3rd parties like Cacpcom, Ubisoft, etc. are still making games for it? I guess they love losing money too.

Even Netflix can't survive being Netflix without constantly increasing the price which is now getting uncomfortably high at about $16/month for normal HD

Yet Disney and others are charging less than 10$ per month I guess they like losing money.
Perhaps Netflix is raising price each year because ppl are still willing to stay just like some ppl are happy paying a 10$ hike on ps5 game just because they change the 4 for a 5 on the box.

I also remember a bunch of ppl back in 2013 who were defending paying 40$ buck for the second dipping of 60 frames and 1080P (you know the crappy free thing call FPS and resolution boost that you get on new console).