Devolver Digital Teases New MaxPass+ Announcement

Rocket Chainsaw: Devolvere Digital are teasing a new 'monetisation as a service' platform named MaxPass+, with a full reveal to occur this weekend.

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TechRaptor12d ago

I'm pretty sure their is just the event name for this time

Aussiesummer11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Do these foods know devolver at all?! They're just taking the piss out of xbox.

MrDead11d ago

It'll be funny if that have a bit where they take away a publisher from other platforms and use them on their E3 show and say "look we take.... err, I mean make game's... Now subscribe to us to be allowed to keep playing!".

Darkborn11d ago

I hope they dig in at Phil Spencer for saying Xbox makes the most and highest quality games of any publisher. Just another lie from him. Add it to the hundreds we know of.

Stanjara11d ago

Monthly Netflix for indie games that they publish?

Silly gameAr11d ago

This is one of the reasons I love Devolver.