Google's Chrome Team Mulls Local File Restrictions

Google engineers are looking at extending Chrome's restrictions on local Web pages to further tighten the Web browser's security across a broader set of protocols.

Insider attacks tend to pose a greater computer security risk than external ones because insiders tend to be trusted with greater systems access privileges than outsiders, not to mention physical access to systems.

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DavidMacDougall3602d ago

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Syko 360 must not like boobies

Lord Anubis3602d ago

i know i really wanted that picture to make it to the index :(

Bladestar3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Interesting to see new browsers trying to fix and address vulnerability that other browsers already battled over the years...

Google Chrome fortune is that fact that because of it so low install base compare to IE and firefox it's yet to be worth the effort by hackers to try to exploits it's vulnerabilities...

If Google Chrome would become the most use browser from one day to another... hackers would be dancing makarena with it.

By the way... Google Chrome is a way way way!!!! better browser than Safari... Why does Apple suck so bad at their browser? How is it that Google managed to make a better browser in so little time? Safari seems to be the slowest and lots of sites do not even load right?

Kudos to google for their browser... I do not think they are there yet... I think the browser is too naked for my taste...

Best browsers (for me):

In terms of features and website support:
IE > Firefox > Netscape > Opera > Google Chrome > Safari

Web Development:
Firefox > IE > Opera > Netscape > Google Chrome > Safari

Firefox > IE > Opera > Netscape > Google Chrome > Safari

ChickeyCantor3602d ago

" How is it that Google managed to make a better browser in so little time"

We don't even know how long it has been in developement or how long it has been on "paper".

But yesh safari sucks...and the browsers name is epicly lame xD.

verb3k3602d ago

Just pick up the best one in the market and ship it with your OS.
That's what ubuntu is doing.

MGRogue20173602d ago

Who even uses Google Chrome???

Anyone...? *crickets*