Sony Continues to Prove That It Doesn't Need to Attend E3

Keenan writes: "Sony is skipping E3 once again, and after seeing how much it has succeeded since it first passed on the event, we can't blame them."

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Orchard14d ago

They should attend, it is always an interesting time of the year with a lot of hype and excitement around what we may see. Them not being there really deflates it for PS fans, even if it is fine from a business perspective.

CaptainHenry91614d ago

It's also interesting when they have their own event during the year

Banthis14d ago

Yeah totally. And Sony have some amazing shows. My dream has been always to one day being able to afford to go to E3, but I want to attend one when all the big ones are present.

Orchard14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

It's not as exciting as you may think. The big threes shows (big two now) are not actually part of the official E3 event, so you only get to sit in on the conferences if you are press OR work for Sony/MS/Nintendo OR are shipping a game that is present in the presentation and high up enough in your company that they chose to send you OR you got lucky and won an invite (very limited numbers).

Otherwise you're basically just limited to the show floor, where you will queue for hours to play a game and may not even get to since they cap the lines and everyone tends to rush straight to the big games when the doors open. They also let in industry folk a few hours before general public passes, so the queues are typically already long by the time the public gets in.

Sorry if I ruined it for you :P

Banthis14d ago

Thank you for the clarification. I always wonder about those details. I truly appreciate it.

Bleucrunch13d ago are a kill joy of the upmost. lol

Obscure_Observer14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

I don´t think E3 need Sony to be there at all. Playstation fans will be all over streaming platforms making sure that E3 will be a huge success anyway. Just like 2019.

lelo2play14d ago

Nobody needs to attend E3. Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo don't need to attend E3. They simply have to announce some online show and the ball starts rolling... gaming magazines, sites, youtubers, forums, etc, take care of getting the info to gamers.

InUrFoxHole14d ago

Sony's new leadership style won't let them join E3 again, unless it's profitable. They can save $ by doing their own event. Also allows them to control the event in its entirety.

Zeref14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

I don't think E3 charges them that much money. E3 needs Sony more than Sony needs E3. That goes for Nintendo and Xbox as well.
Nobody "Needs" E3 anymore in a business sense. But I think E3 is the superbowl of gaming, and it's a fun thing for fans to watch the conferences back to back and having discussions on who won.

It's a damn shame that we're pretty much starting to see the end of it.

None of the big 3 are really attached to E3 anymore. Sony pulled out entirely, Nintendo and Microsoft are pretty much there in name only, which isn't that bad and makes no difference for us fans(since their conferences are still back to back) but it's still a sign that they might pull out eventually as well.

kneon14d ago


Attending a conference as a major exhibitor can easily cost millions. I've been to many of the worlds biggest tech conferences as an exhibitor and everything is outrageously expensive. It's not E3 that makes the big money, it's the conference centres, hotels, airlines etc.

Just setting up a large exhibit area will cost 100's of thousands or more. And then big exhibitors send dozens of people. I've personally gone with over 100 people from my company. And you can count on spending at least $5k+ per person between flights, hotels, meals etc. If you add in the months of preparation, the marketing and advertising etc. then spending $10 million on a big show is easy.

InUrFoxHole13d ago

Either way I'm super stoked to see what Sony has in store. Zero and R&C already look great. Sony may not have the stronger console but they always bring bangers.

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moriarty188914d ago

agreed. they should be a part of it. they never had a problem with it in the past. weird how they keep skipping it these past few years.

Smok9114d ago

It would be a waste of money and resources considering they have a PlayStation event. All the headlines to themselves.

S2Killinit13d ago

It doesnt deflate it for the fans, they do their own event its just not called E3.

F0XH0UND92213d ago

No, they shouldn't. I prefer them to give us a constant feed of premiers and updates throughout the year versus jamming a bunch of media into an hour presentation filled with talking. E3 is slowly dying and Sony is just ahead of the curve.

Juvia13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Which playstation fans are you talking about? Obviously not you given your comment history.

As an actual playstation fan I am happy to report that I give literally zero craps about E3. Sony does a stellar job with events on their own. I lose literally nothing by Sony not participating.

Dirty_Lemons13d ago

I'm with you buddy, COVID really just sped up the process but Sony seems to have put less effort in the final few years of attending. With State of Play every few months and a never-ending stream of new gaming info, it's no loss to this gamer 👍

Orchard13d ago

@Juvia You mean the comment history where I say PS exclusives are great and HFW & HZD look awesome, and that's just the first page alone. You must struggle with reading comprehension.

I also game on PS4 & 5 and have owned every Sony console minus the portables. You can be a fan without being a shill.

Bronbron9213d ago

I mean I’m still excited for E3 for new announcements and all but I’m more excited for PlayStations event

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darthv7214d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Technically, none of the participants need to attend, but they do it because there is a better sense of consumer energy in the room when they are there with them. That instant gratification of hearing the crowd when they show off something impressive. The people watching at home is just one metric that these industry peeps look at. Another is crowd interaction, if their product is on display at a booth... how many come up and ask questions and look/play with what is there.

Those are the kinds of things you don't get from not showing up.

Shane Kim14d ago

It's just people they payed off.

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FallenAngel198414d ago

They’ve shown they can win E3 without even attending

The Wood14d ago

You could argue that xbox done more damage by attending previously. Don't go if you aint got s##t to show

SullysCigar14d ago

True, but then E3 is the restaurant from which they feed fools promises.

DigitallyAfflicted14d ago

I'm looking forward to sony's not e3 show :)

strayanalog14d ago

In this day and technical age, it's a safe assumption that all of the Big 3 could easily prove they don't need E3, whether we like it or not.

knightedHollow14d ago

Not entirely sure.
Many casuals actually pay some attention to this event. Also PAX.

Without them it's likely many many more games would fail to be noticed.

strayanalog13d ago

I respect the fact that it's hard to turn away from an industry standard that's almost 30 years old, and rightfully so, but if the Big 3 suddenly pivoted from how we see their respective products, as everything gaming once did from CES, then they could do it again. I'm confident a news outlet, social media site, or word of mouth would reach a casual fine. A gamer needs a reason; a casual needs a place.

As for games failing to be noticed in a hypothetical Big 3 absence, I personally think smaller studios would benefit from this with better game focus and added floor space for more developers. News coverage would already be there from the other major game studios, so there's not much to lose, except time in all the new booths.

knightedHollow13d ago


Well youre assuming that if the big three leave the others wont follow suit and that there will still be a place for these events.

These events have always been good. Theyre exciting and should always be about celebrating gaming.

IF they go away thats fine with me but i firmly believe they still have a place...otherwise Sony wouldnt do so many state of plays and we'd be getting more announcements outside of these events.

Paleblood14d ago

Some people casted doom on Sony for not attending E3 and the reality is that they are having even more success now than when they attended E3.

Sitdown14d ago

They might have more success now, but there is no proof of it being related to not attending E3.

NotoriousWhiz14d ago

Truth is: Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are having more success now than the first time Sony skipped E3. I wonder what major event might have happened in the world to cause this.