Nearly all computers running on Microsoft Windows vulnerable to attack: report news

More than 98 per cent of computer systems running Microsoft Windows are open to attack by hackers as they had one or more insecure software programs installed on their systems due to lack of latest version of software that fixed one or more vulnerabilities, according to Secunia, a Denmark based security supplier.

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ultimolu3604d ago

...Time to switch to a Mac now.

I've noticed that, especially when I work with computers at my former college. Macs barely have any issues in the labs but we get the most problems on PCs.

SONYSLAVE3604d ago

when I work with computers at my former college.......LMAO!!!!!!

juuken in collage HAHAHAHA yeah ok right. lol HAHA, wow you will say anything to attack microsoft.

Kami3604d ago

enjoy your overpriced hardware, software and
not being able to play games

ultimolu3604d ago

SONYSLAVE: Go f*ck yourself. At least I'm more educated than your stupid ass.

Kami: Overpriced? No games? 360 twats with the same stupid ass argument. Don't make me list the games because I'll seriously embarrass your ass.

Gun_Senshi3604d ago

i can play all windows games on linux.

Guess what? X360 exclusives run better on linux PC then X360.

Kami3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

wat games?
spore and some open source games. yeah right
and Mac IS overpriced. Even idiots can build a better pc with half of what a mac costs. This is not my opinion, its FACT.
and i never mentioned the 360 so dont start me with crap fanboy

ultimolu3604d ago're clearly confused so I'll leave you at that.

sit down droid3603d ago

just to let u know. we have 30 IMACs in 1 room in our college. we now have 18 left due to hardware failiers, software coruption, blue screen of death.

i now bring my own laptop in after my after my A-level coursework went with them. i am now3 1/2 months nehind in my studies.

it wont be long until macs have viruses. just watch. as soon as there market share go above 15%. they will come flooding out

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LokMessier3604d ago

My laptop is running Vista someone for the love of god help me!!

All that aside, hopefully microsoft is working on ways to patch up the holes...?

*Shifty eyes*
>_>....<_<...> _>...

Lord Anubis3604d ago

Everyone must exodus to Linux and Mac operating systems!

Good should triumph!

aggh im on fire3604d ago

If the majority of people had macs they would be hacked too. Its just that theres more pc's.

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The story is too old to be commented.