Reasons Why Gears of War 2 Isn't Great, Merely Good

GameGuru writes: "Some might probe this to be a complete fanboy article, finding error with a game some regard the epitome of perfection. The original Gears of War defined a generation of shooters to come by perfecting the mechanic conceptualized and coded by Namco's "Kill.switch", a generation ago plus the visual aura the game spread lunged everyone into a justifiable hyperbole as Killzone 2 does today. Creating sequels is a rather vicious cycle, for there are so many changes that need to be put into place whilst keeping the core basic gameplay intact."

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SONYSLAVE3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

and that is why it out scored uncharted? and i believe gears of war has better gun play and replay value than uncharted lmao!

elorm93694d ago

Uncharted isn't all about gun play.

InMyOpinion3694d ago

Reasons Why Gears of War 2 Isn't Great, Merely Good.

Because it's not available for the PS3.

AngryTypingGuy3694d ago

It's all opinion. If you have a blast playing a game, then to you it's great. When playing Gears 2, I struggled to put the controller down. To me it's a great game. I'd argue that it's one of the greats overall to. I play enough games to know a great one when I see it.

Fluid controls, addictive gameplay, great acting, great story, great graphics, awesome co-op. The only thing it doesn't have that I wish it did is the ability to do 4 player co-op in the campaign, rather than just 2. The new Horde mode is very fun. It's my favorite game of the year. To be fair though, I have yet to play Fallout 3, which looks really, really good as well.

ps3Owns3603694d ago

lol gears 2 is garbage like seriously the game still has lagg,still has bugs and glicthes.long macthmaking.still has weapon slide.shotgun is weaker.lancer is powerful.can stop chainsaw.360 oNlY has 2 games!.fable and gears2.whatver defend your console but you guys will playing gears 2 til geasr3 come out.ps3 has the best line up for 08-09.360 all has gears,gears,gears.cliffly said on g4 that they want to push gears 3 to the ultime boundaries. they said they can only do this on ps3.hopefully epic and sony can have a relationship going.i used to be a 360 fanboy but Fu mcrosoft.and killlzone 2 will kill gears.

Millah3694d ago

What happened to "bigger, better, and more badass"

ShinMaster3694d ago

Cliffy B said that Gears of War 2's gunplay and cover-system were inspired by UNCHARTED!


Because Uncharted's cover-system and overall gameplay was superior to Gears of War.

AngryTypingGuy3694d ago

The Gears 2 gunplay and cover system is exactly the same as Gears 1. I don't see how it would be inspired by Uncharted, since that came out well after the first Gears.

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Nathan Drake3694d ago

But the sequel is no slouch,like I said in the other zone,its a solid 7.5/10

mikeslemonade3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

The orignal was good just because of graphics and the cover system, but if you back play Gears 1 now it's not a timeless piece of work just like most games. Gears 2 doesn't make a great leap therefore this article is correct.

DarK-SilV3694d ago

mikeslemonade I completely agree with you,Gears one was LIke WOW,gears 2 was like good,But I have to add something,to me gears have the best online gaming experience.

Xi3694d ago

About both gears games and again for MGS4. Nothing on any of those games stood out, just because of good graphics and gimic like cover or camo it got good scores.

mikeslemonade3694d ago

Gears was a spectacle the first 6 months, but then the competition for games got better. When Bioshock came out forget it that game looks way better than Gears.

dragunrising3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

One of the most hardcore Sony fanboy's. If anyone believes for a second this guy is being objective, they don't know who he is. Check out his comments. Anti-microsoft this anti-xbox that...

His last post is trashing Star Ocean because its on 3 discs...and 360 timed exclusive.

On topic: I found Gears II to be much more cohesive of an experience than the first game. There are so many "wow" moments it is easy to overlook some of the cheesy dialog(which is hilarious btw. Got to love Cole train)and missing enemies. If you try hard enough to find faults in a great game, it won't be great anymore but good. His opinion is subjective, and while I respect it, I don't agree. Gears 2 is epic. No matter how dire the war situation may be, you still feel bada$$. The weapons the author mentions as being redundant are anything but; the torque bow is invaluable in multiplayer and campaign. The three different pistols add variety. The standard pistol (that most people toss aside) is actually extremely good at taking care of enemies from a distance with its zoom function. The weapons all depend on your style of playing the game. You can't say Gear of War 2 has too few weapons. Not sure why I wasted my time here. The haters will hate.

WANNA GET HIGH3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Im sorry but i dont agree.I have a ps3 but i played gears2 for a couple of hours in my friends house and i loved it more than the first one.I cant wait till i buy my 360.Gears2 is the first game i am going to get.

mikeslemonade3694d ago

This was my last post "about Star Ocean":

Some of you people are ignoring what this means for the future. Star Ocean doesn't even look that great and it's not the longest RPG and it takes 3 DVDs. Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey were also sub-par looking games and not very long games and they took 3 and 4 discs. My point is when games actually do look current generation it's going to take more discs than just 3 or 4. At this point no Japanese RPG looks much better than a PS2 game. We're only 3 years into this generation and in 2 years laters games will almost double in space, and they may be exclusive to PS3 because Microsoft does not want to taint the image of the 360 by releasing a 6 disc game.

As you can see I was talking about how this effects games a couple years down the line. My post wasn't targeted really at Star Ocean it's more about how much space games will take up. If you consider me calling Star Ocean is a average looking game a bashing comment then you get too offended too easily.

Yes I am biased for Sony, but it's true if you play Gears right now it's bleh. When I play a shooter I play mostly online but Gears 1 was all about the single player which wasn't that good. If you look past the graphics the game doens't have that much to offer.

And I do have an objective view on games I never raelly enjoyed MGS4. I think Uncharted is still the best looking game.

- Ghost of Sparta -3694d ago

Good game but nothing compared to some other games I played this year. "Horde" mode is really the only reason I even hyped Gears of War 2 but that turned out to be a huge disappointment for me. Left 4 Dead is a better game (I have this for PC).

CryofSilence3694d ago

And you claim to be objective? Everything you stated is still undeniably subjective. It's all opinions kids.

GUNS N SWORDS3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

.......hasn't anyone thought, "wow gears2 actually looks better than MGS4" (no offense)

or are they going to lie cause it's not a ps3 game. hasn't anyone made comparisons on the two?


if so use actual in game screen shots strait from both of the game's campaign, I'd like to see someone do it. (no bullet shots of either game please keep it simple :)

phosphor1123694d ago

Gears of War (1) was broken and riddled with glitches/bugs? They were game-breakers too. Like getting stuck in pillars, falling through emergence holes, getting chainsawed by my own NPC teammate (cuz he missed?).

...Am I the only one?

GUNS N SWORDS3694d ago

(phosphor112 -)

"Gears of War (1) was broken and riddled with glitches/bugs? They were game-breakers too. Like getting stuck in pillars, falling through emergence holes, getting chainsawed by my own NPC teammate (cuz he missed?)."

how does all that happen to you?

and friendly fire doesn't even exist in gears of war, so how, how did all that all happened to you?

Sam Fisher3694d ago

not only ALL of the glitching made my turn on go down but then my disc broke i was going to buy it again but i was nah its online is not worth it... i like the shotgun now (no b!tching about host advantage), but they do need to fix online more, and weaken the lancer a little bit.

Fallen_Angel3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

its funny that sony fanboy want to talk down about gears to when there isnt even a game on the ps3 that is equal to graphics of gears 1 let alone gears 2 MGS4 was complete trash for a game that took 50 gb of space and had less then 3 hours of gameplay what a joke. For all the talk about blu ray. ps3 games are just as short (in a lot of case shorter) the 360 games and they have sub par graphics. So what the point of blu ray and why do they talk about gears when they dont have a single game that is on par with it.

phosphor112 oh and btw oh the the few bugs that were in gears on none of the ones you listed are real bugs or glitches. There were no game breakin bugs or glitches. About the only real bug was minor loading issues and I played through the game 2 time and was on mu 3 rd play through before I even ran in to that one

pixelsword3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

...I've always said it was Kill.Switch with RE4's camera angle.

Not even the chainsaw gun is original... if you know about Warhammer and fan-based websites...

The Gears/unreal soldiers even look like Warhammer Space Marines.

That doesn't mean it wasn't fun, because although it's not original to a sci-fi fan like me, it still does everything right.

Hoggy19833694d ago

End of the day everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I for one things Gears 2 is a fantastic game. My only gripe is with the online matchmaking system which leaves who twiddling your thumbs waiting for a game. That said, whilst online play has a steep learning curve, its has amazing depth and I'm getting more and more engrossed. I'd give it 9.5

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dwjohnson0112113694d ago

this site really is just doing this for hits.

Legion3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

I love when Sony Fans right complete articles about other systems. Trying to make a play for a Sony game to finally come up with a GOTY award. It is that time I guess.

I too had a few hind sight thoughts about GOW2 but it in no way changed my overall view of the game. It is excellent in what it does and I think it has surpassed the first game in all aspects.

Would I have liked to seen the Berserker back? But I see how it didn't fit within the story line as it was more of the offensive battle dog then the defensive element used within GOW2.

New characters in GOW2 were excellent replacements to memorable characters in the original game.

It is not the finale in the series and it shouldn't need to answer every question, if it did then their would be no reason to bring about GOW3. Some answers were given more questions are present now. GOW3 should be an entertaining romp.

dwjohnson0112113694d ago


Little Big Planet is so damn boring to play and Gears of War 2 is the best game this year.

Graphics Whore3694d ago

Hahaha, thanks for the good laugh, Gears of War 2 is definitely not GOTY though, it didn't appear on many peoples and websites radars even.

Itrguy0013693d ago

GoTY should go to a game from earlier this year rather then from November because i would love to play gears and finish it but seeing as how the ending is retarded when i watched the leaked ending i actually changed my mind; R2 is amazing solid 9/10 or 4.5/5 but it isnt a perfect 10/10 or 5/5 its cool 30vs30 battles and 8player co-op but sometimes i cant find any rooms to play for Competitve and Co-op and when i do find a room im on a team with pure noobs who just spray. GoTY should definetly go to a game earlier this year.

callahan093694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

I disagree with their assessment of the worm level. It was my favorite level in the game, actually, from a gameplay perspective.

I pretty much agree on most of their other comments, though.

All in all, I liked Gears 2, but I think it is over-rated. In my opinion, saying Gears 2 is the best game of the year would be akin to giving a greatest hits album the Grammy for best album. Gears 2 does a whole lot right, but there isn't an original bone in its body.

It has entire sequences ripped straight from Halo 3, God of War 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, even Crash Bandicoot, and an old Ren & Stimpy platformer called Veediots! The core gameplay is a straight adaptation of Kill.Switch and Resident Evil 4. Giving it game of the year is, to my mind, like giving the pulitzer prize to a movie adaptation of a bunch of excerpts from the classics of literature.

Edit: I understand that some of you won't agree with my assessment that the game doesn't deserve to win awards because it suffers a crisis of unoriginality. That's just my opinion. I can completely accept it if people think it is the game of the year, because it took ideas from all over the place and made them fun and packaged it all up in a nice way that flows well. The only problem that I see there is that I want to see some innovation in my games. Something I've never seen before. Gears 2 didn't show me a single thing I hadn't seen before, and it came dangerously close to plagiarising entire scenarios of gameplay from other games.

Xi3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Halo copies a lot of things from metroid, which copied a lot of things from beserk.

MGS and splinter have stories that are nothing but tom clancy and iam flemming novels.

bioshock = system shock

I could keep going, even mario, zelda and other "classic" franchises rip off other games and concepts, there's nothing particularly innovative from any new games that come out. I mean, look at braid, what some would consider more "unique" or "original" it's exactly like blinx.

truth is it's not about's who's innovative, but who popularizes the concept.

OOG3694d ago

bubbles to you sir.....

At least someone is looking at things without being a fanboy...

elorm93694d ago

I only played the first one (up to the part with the bats in the dark), didn't really like it. I just got bored of having to take cover like 95% percent on the time...

callahan093694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Here's the difference between the way all games borrow inspiration from others and how truly GREAT games borrow. Great games introduce something unique and fresh and make you experience something unlike all the rest. In my estimation, Gears 2 fails to do this. I'd say the first Gears, which borrowed heavily from many other games, did indeed impress me with some gameplay I felt was new and exciting and unique. But Gears 2 borrows so much from other games, including its own predecessor, that I never felt like I was playing something new. It all felt rather familiar. Which is not to say that it wasn't fun. Because it was very fun.

pixelsword3693d ago

...Metal Gear came out in 1987.

Tom Clancy's first book came out in 1984 and it was The Hunt for Red October, which had no spy elements in it whereas the first metal gear had sneaking in it. If anything, Ding Chavez and John Clark themselves were copied from Solid Snake.

Ian Fleming's 007 Character was a classic open-faced Spy, not a shadow-stalking spec-op. 007 and Solid Snake used different methods entirely.

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