Genshin Impact leak reveals 7 characters coming after 1.6 update

The next big addition to 'Genshin Impact' has arrived. It's a new region called Inazuma. Here's everything we know that's coming.

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Snookies1256d ago

I kinda stopped playing because the PS4 pro version sucks on frame rate... Wish they'd at least patch the pro version to run a bit smoother. I'd play it on PC instead, but I'd lose all my progress.

Magog56d ago

PS5 version is smooth as butter.

blackblades56d ago

And with better loading, but I'll still play on ps4 because I dont have a ps5 yet.

Snookies1256d ago

Oh, no doubt. I just wish they'd show the PS4 pro some love. I'm assuming it's running just the base PS4 version, because it runs horribly at times.