God of War 2 on PS4 - Necessary & Insignificant

Devin Rardin: God of War 2 (Ragnarok) is also a PS4 release, however, is a necessary business strategy that shouldn't negatively affect the game.

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Sonic-and-Crash100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

i want Sony to start dislodge itself from GoW ,Killzone , Resistance ..even Uncharted and Lous ....they were good games fine but its time for new IPs... they had their time, were tested some with success, other not so much but now is time to move on ........seeing Kratos designed back in 2004 ( basically a clown ancient greek hybrid out of David jaffe s whatever imagination) is ridiculous for todays standards .

GoTsushima Days Gone , Returnal, Astro are all in the right way imo and need more completely new tries in AAA area

outsider1624100d ago

"I want Sony to start dislodge itself from GoW ,Killzone , Resistance ..even Uncharted and Lous"
GoW just had a reboot. Possibly the beginning of a new trilogy, Killzone's last game was Shadowfall, and Resistance? Everyone's been begging for a new Resistance on Ps5..last seen on PS3. Besides Sony do need a good fps and these two are amazing in their own way and can still be explored to.

Uncharted I'd agree. Nates journey is over and we should leave it at that.
And Tlou, it's just only 2 games. Hopefully we get a third part to end the trilogy. The 2nd ending im fine with but I'd take a final part.

MIDGETonSTILTS17100d ago

I think the GoW reboot was always envisioned as a trilogy, so buckle up for GoW 3 in 4-5 years.

LeeFender100d ago

I believe that is the case, this is the new trilogy or so.

Yui_Suzumiya100d ago

Well technically it's a sequel to the original series, not a reboot

Deathdeliverer100d ago

I stopped reading at “dislodge itself from Killzone and resistance”…

Sir… Killzone was a PS4 LAUNCH game and resistance hasn’t been seen since PS3…. Talk about looking for something to complain about…

Yui_Suzumiya100d ago

What you talkin bout, Willis?! Resistance hasn't been seen in 10 years and the last Killzone game was a PS4 lunch title 😅

BigMalk100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

What are today's standards though?Most of the games that release month upon month are cartoonish, multiplayer or remasters.

God of War still stands as a great IP alongside the newer ones. Hell, I want to see more Syphon Filters, Splinter Cells, Prince of Persias, and Resistances,and have done since they were dropped for the generic Assassin's Creeds, and other lifeless IP's we get all the time.

Today's AAA standards are mostly recycled garbage, but most of the Sony IPs will hold up as long as they continue to innovate and create new stories.

spicelicka99d ago

"Kratos designed back in 2004 ( basically a clown ancient greek hybrid out of David jaffe s whatever imagination) is ridiculous for todays standards."

LOL wtf are you talking about?? Literally never heard anyone ever complain about Kratos' design. In fact, his character's progression from how he was in the original trilogy to how he was in the latest GoW completely invalidates whatever point you're trying to make.

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Lionsguard100d ago

It's not going to affect it negatively but it is going to be obvious at certain points in the game where we'll notice that we're only experiencing this gameplay effect because it's being held back. There will be parts of a boss fight or whatever where we'll think "Well this could have been even better". It's the dev's job to minimalize those points in the game so the player is so engrossed, they'll won't notice it but once the real PS5 sequel comes out years and years from now, we'll notice it even more after the shackles have finally been released.

This could be unpopular but I think if they released a DLC a year from now that's PS5 only like with FF7 Intergrade to showcase what it could be really capable of, that would appease some people, then again, it'd just piss off others or it could just piss off everyone because they'll realize just how much they were really held back by still supporting the PS4.

Imo, they really should have just bit the bullet and gone PS5 only. I don't have a PS5 yet but at least I'll know that when I do get one, I'd be playing a completely unshackled, PS5 version without any restraints but now, it's like, why even bother? My PS4 pro can do the same thing only with a few sacrifices. I don't care about 60fps enough to warrant plopping down $500 for a new console. If I never had a PS4 or only a base model PS4 then I'd consider it more.

VerminSC100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

You essentially said “it’s not gonna affect the game negatively but in certain areas it’s going to affect the game negatively”

I, personally would have rather waited an extra year for it to be ps5 exclusive (if they didn’t have the dev kits long enough).

medman100d ago

Yeah I'm with you...I would definitely prefer these blockbusters to be ps5 exclusives, with all the bells and whistles...the best game the teams could make at the time utilizing the ps5 to their best ability. As the saying goes, "All that you do - do with your might. Things done by halves are never done right."

CS7100d ago

With Ratchet’s release it shows the GOW2 will be an inferior game due supporting hardware designed in 2011.

It’s time to let the PS4 go for major releases.

Good for business. Bad for gaming.

VerminSC100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

How is that a load? It’s true! It is bad for gaming. Digital foundry said rift apart isn’t possible on ps4. Meaning God of war Ragnarok could have had stuff that was impossible on PS4. Old hardware holds gaming back. It’s been known for decades.

sourOG100d ago

Saying the next god of war will be inferior to anything is a load. It could be PS4 only and will be better than most games. Yalls dramatic hyperbole is laughable.

Applejack100d ago

There’s some truth to it. A game can look great being cross gen but to say it won’t be held back from its full potential is pushing it.

sourOG100d ago

Whatever image that y’all have that “could’ve been” never existed. You don’t know what was held back if anything at all. So the whole “it’s inferior because hardware” stuff is laughable, a load of shit. A half baked assumption based on nothing relevant except a game you’ve never played (R&C)

Teflon02100d ago

Vermin, it's a load of BS because GoW doesn't generally do anything they can't scale down for PS4. They can already pull off giant fights etc. There's not much GoW could do design wise that would be ruined by last gen.

Ratchet is about weapons and gadgets that are wild so Ratchet makes sense.

JEECE100d ago

So why not make games on PS4 forever if it doesn't limit them in any design sense?

sourOG100d ago

If it were designed on ps5 there would be less limitations, that’s an obvious besides the point. The point is development started in 2018. It was started on the PS4, same with horizon. F***king deal with it lol.

Sorry they didn’t scrap their games and delay for 2 years so you couldn’t get your Ps5 designed god of war. The next one will be, relax. Besides, it’s not like horizon isn’t benefitting from the system and I have no doubt it’s the same for gow. “But but but some gameplay mechanic that I don’t know about isn’t possible on PS4” lol get over it. God of war will be the tits and the “inferior” shit is laughable.

outsider1624100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

"So why not make games on PS4 forever if it doesn't limit them in any design sense?"

Oh for crying out loud...surely you can't be serious with that.SourOg is right, you guys are being over dramatic. Devs will start shifting over when their design are limited or ps5 games cannot be designed anymore for Ps4. Are u a dev? If not then trust the devs to do their job. They'll know when. And we all know its going to be amazing.

And yes GoW2 being inferior is a load of BS.

sourOG100d ago

That’s right outsider. They know what they are doing, the last game earned them the benefit of the doubt from me. I doubted them before and now It’s on them to lose it. The ps5 game these guys want will be the Odin battle and it will be epic, no doubt. But let’s see this game first before we call it inferior plebe trash.

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medman100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

You have to laugh at gamers in this post (and others) who think that compromises don't have to be made in development to get a game to run on the ps4 (which uses a tablet cpu from 2012). These people really are this delusional. What a joke.

sourOG100d ago

Waaah god of war 4 wasn’t good enough. I want ps5 design with no compromise. I have no idea what it is but I want it waaaah.

medman100d ago

What we want is what Sony has always delivered...innovation and ground breaking game design. Apparently, you're the type who settles for the same ol' stale. Typical.

sourOG100d ago

If you think god of war is stale then your opinion on the platform and design is irrelevant.

CS7100d ago


Yes GOW2 would be better than “most games”… I agree. But it would be worse than if GOW2 was build for PS5 only. Let’s say Kratos is flying through at super high speeds on an entire world that is crumbling, the effect on that can be achieved PS5 would be impossible on PS4. For example, look at the Unreal Engine 5 demo. That scene of her flying out is impossible on PS4.

That’s one example of the top of my head

Your comments display a high level on unintelligence but I would like to assume you simple do not know how game development works.
Because development starts in 2018 doesn’t mean that it needs to be last gen. What year do you think R&C development started? (Hint: 2018) what about GTA4? Uncharted? Games start development and target the next generation with the ballpark specification and eventually dev kits.

Sony Santa Monica would have had target Ps5 specs possible since 2017. The game is releasing on PS4 as a business decision.

A decade old hardware will ALWAYS hold back big budget AAA game. It is a fact not an opinion.

Imagine Metal Gear Solid 1 as an SNES game
Imagine GTA 3 as a PS1 Game
Imagine TLOU2 as a PS2 game

This is what we are getting with the GOW release.

sourOG100d ago

You say “Yes GOW2 would be better than “most games”… I agree. ”. Then compare it to the last of us 2 being on PS2. Don’t bring up intelligence when you can’t even stop contradicting yourself in the same post. There is no reason to go there, don’t be a dick.

None of your comment matters except the first sentence. Yes the next god of war will be better than most games. That’s all you need to know, it will not be “inferior”. Limitations are what made these developers great. Sony design is based on decades of severe limitations. It’s not the disadvantage you pretend it is. Designed just on ps5 would open up limitations, but they didn’t. So stop crying about it and accept a game that will still be better than most games.

JEECE100d ago

I think most of the cross gen apologists are younger and don't understand how games have evolved from gen to gen, so they play a game like Horizon on PS4, and to them that doesn't represent "video game design right now based on hardware limitations," because to them that's just what game design is, period. So when we complain that cross gen games will limit improvements on the new consoles to resolution, framerate, and load times, they don't understand the complaint, because to them those are the only ways a game can improve. You'd think the Cyberpunk situation would have caused some people to understand the limitations of last gen machines, but apparently not.

VerminSC100d ago

You hit the nail on the head

VerminSC100d ago


You are pretty delusional aren’t you? Of coarse GOW ragnarok is going to be incredible, but to pretend it’s not being held back by current hardware is idiotic.

It’s going to be great, yes, but it’s not going to be the best version it could have been.

Did you not notice all the boulders Kratos had to pick up to allow loading? Or the slow doors he opened, or the walls he shimmied through?? Did you notice that when he was URGENTLY carrying his dying son to the witch he was slowly walking. Those are all because of PS4 limitations.

Watch the documentary on the making of the game. They specially mention sacrifices they made due to hardware!

sourOG100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

I’m not delusional or an apologist, I’m a realist. They didn’t design the game for ps5 alone. Accept it or don’t, I don’t give a shit lol. Boycott the game, speak with your wallet. All I’m saying is that calling it “inferior” to a version of the game that doesn’t even exist is a load of shit. You have no idea what innovations they have made since the last game but it’s just not good enough? Well tough shit lol. Skip it.

medman100d ago

There is no reasoning with imbeciles. Sour og is a lost cause. Leave him to his fog of confusion. The poor critter seems to live for it. As they say, never wrestle with a'll both get dirty, but the pig will enjoy it.

sourOG100d ago

I’m not confused at all lol. God of war will be great. The last game is probably my favorite modern game and I take offense to that. It was also made “on 10 year old hardware” and no amount of ps2 comparisons will change that. You can rationalize your bullshit and call it rational all you want it doesn’t affect me lol. You’re not lecturing me on shit.

outsider1624100d ago

"Imagine Metal Gear Solid 1 as an SNES game
Imagine GTA 3 as a PS1 Game
Imagine TLOU2 as a PS2 game"
This is what we are getting with the GOW release

And then you start insulting others about intelligence.

No one in their right mind would imagine Tlou2 on a ps2 or even Ps3. Heck tlou2 could be mistaken for a ps5 game. That's how good these devs are. Tlou2 basically squeezed out the ps4. GOW2 is just starting on PS5, i doubt they'd maxed it out too. Thats for GOW3.

CS7100d ago

@SourOG & @outsider1624

Apologies lads. A bit of late night speed typing there.

I meant TLOU (The original PS3 version) as a PS2 game.

PS2 -> PS1 (GTA3)

Each game one generation behind.

And guess what GOW2 is going to come out and it is going to be great. I’m going to enjoy it alot.

But consumers can raise their voices in comment sections like this and creators take notice.

Eg. Sonic movie redesign
Sony’s reversal of the PS3 store

Just because something would be good doesn’t mean we can’t point out a decision that we think could make it better. It’s not to roll over and take whatever they are giving us.

We all want to play kickass games and there is no argument that GOW2 (or 5) for PS5 would be better than cross-gen GOW2 (or 5). It is a fact.

I simply want the best games possible.

Happy gaming.

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Rimeskeem100d ago

I am just hoping the cross gen releases will stop when Sony can keep up with demand for the PS5. As long as I can see Kratos' abs and beard in 60 fps with near instant loading times I won't be too mad.

CrimsonWing69100d ago

Is it difficult for people to understand why people aren't thrilled about cross-gen gaming? Yea the game will be fine, the point is we want to play a purely next-gen game.

I don't think anyone will deny the business decision behind it, but at some point you're going to have to cut them off and actually make some next-gen games. Can't wait until the 4 years are up so we can end this cross-gen crap and start seeing these IPs enter the next-generation.

medman100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

I'm certainly not going to wait four years for these companies to get their collective acts together. I have a ps5 and a series x, and I will certainly buy God of War and Horizon, but I really don't see myself buying any other cross gen games, and certainly not full price. Horizon and God of War I understand....they wanted to pump out some quick sequels, utilize the same game engine, cross gen can make sense in that scenario. It's not what I would prefer, but I get it. If I see that the next Naughty Dog game, or something from another of their big studios is also cross gen (GT7 excluded), no...not acceptable. It certainly would not be acceptable to have games releasing in 2023 that are cross gen. That would be akin to a ps3 blockbuster game coming out in 2010 that was developed to run on the ps2 that launched in 2000. What we have now are games coming out in 2022 developed for like a 2009 Sony exclusive still developed to run on ps2 year 2000 hardware. Shocking, and sad. What does give me hope is that we are getting games like Returnal, Ratchet and Clank...hopefully we see more of this.

I didn't buy a ps5 to play brand new game titles designed for ps4, only with shinier graphics and better framerate. I've bought every Sony console since the ps1 and I do so for forward thinking and innovative exclusives. If you can't bother to innovate anymore, you're not the Sony I came to love.

outsider1624100d ago

"but at some point you're going to have to cut them off and actually make some next-gen games"

They will make it sound like they won't. But as of now im pretty sure you'll still enjoy HFW or GOW on PS5. I don't even have a PS5 and I'm willing(still trying to) to get one so i can play them on it.

Heck R&C is coming out tomorrow right? Im already jealous of you bastards.

CS7100d ago

I can help you get one. It’s not that hard tbh.

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