Forza Horizon 5 May Be In the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase at E3 2021

A series of cryptic tweets suggest that Forza Horizon 5 will be released this year, and what better place would there be to announce this upcoming game than E3 2021?

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TheEnigma31354d ago

of course it will be there is no "may be". This is one of the usual suspects that MS pumps out.

--Onilink--54d ago

Well, given how they alternate between main forza and horizon and Playground is also working on Fable, I’d say “may be”is still very much an option, the first Forza in the past has never been a Horizon Game

dumahim54d ago

It's pretty confusing as to which we might be getting. We've been getting rumors about Horizon's location being in Mexico and Playground has a separate team for Fable, but Forza Motorsport is apparently beta testing.

--Onilink--54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Yeah, right now I’d say its probably 50/50 regarding Horizon.

And even with the “two” teams working on Fable and Horizon, its usually not that cut and dry either, its pretty normal that when a dev says they have 2 groups, that its at first a small group doing pre production on the 2nd prject and once it really kicks off, they start to move people from one project to the other, or even then with 2 full teams, there are a lot of shared resources anyway. Who knows how they are handling that on Playground right now

Jericho133754d ago

The last Forza game was 3 years ago…

Kinda wish the Japan rumours would’ve been true though.

autobotdan54d ago

Forget F Hoizon. Forza Motorsport is more important

Gunstar7554d ago

About 70% of players prefer the Horizon series, but the motorsport series is important from a sim perspective, definitely

autobotdan54d ago

70% of players prefer Horizon over Motorsport? 70% of Gamers prefer Playstation over Xbox. But I want to see xbox games at E3. I dont care what more people prefer

BrainSyphoned54d ago

Gran Turismo + Forza Horizon. I forgot Motorsport since the 360 but I always fire up Horizon day 1.

NeoGamer23254d ago

Really this is about what kind of racing game you like. Neither is better then the other. It is more about what kind of racer you want to play. Full sim or arcade.

Personally, I like them both for very different reasons.

Father__Merrin54d ago

Forza horizon is now the more popular game compared to FMS in fact its what need for speed should have been. Still I hope for a track based PGR one day

septemberindecember54d ago

I figured Forza Motorsport would come before Horizon 5, tbh. But maybe they want to make Motorsport next gen exclusive so they will develop it for a couple more years.

SpineSaw54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Ummm I don't understand why wouldn't it be in the Xbox and Playground Games showcase? Is Bethesda special there not making FH5?

--Onilink--54d ago

If its not coming this year they might want to just focus on FMS instead or showing Horizon too early

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