Battlefield 2042 Pre-Order Bonuses and Editions Revealed, No Free Upgrade for Next-Gen Confirmed

EA has revealed the Battlefield 2042 pre-order bonuses and different editions the game will come in at launch..

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blacktiger49d ago

Why would they, $70 without single player and you want cookie with that, fk that!

excaliburps49d ago

Depends on how you perceive value though. Like, for me, I can see myself playing MP for literally more than a hundred hours, so that $70 is well spent.

Anomander49d ago

Currently have over 100 hours played on Cold War MP and about 2 hours of Single Player. I'm totally fine with this. If they ever do a single-player Battlefield it needs to Bad Company!

Npugz749d ago

It’s not a full packaged game though that’s just one mode.

StoneyYoshi48d ago


"It’s not a full packaged game though that’s just one mode."

So with that logic, SP only games shouldn't be 60-70 either since its just one mode and not a "full package"?

Or are you talking about Game Modes? Because you couldn't be any further from the truth with that statement.

gamesftw25049d ago

Yeah 70 is stretching it hard without a campaign. Heck even if it had a 3 hour campaign I'd be happy.

Nitrowolf249d ago

BF single players have been really bad, so i guess i cna understand why they wouldnt bother

Npugz749d ago

EA has always been greedy! They are 100% about business and money and don’t give a shit about the consumer as long as they get your money they are happy.

shepherdzeMan48d ago

thanks for telling us, we had no idea what was going on.

D3TH_D33LR49d ago

I just want them to confirm crossplay or not already

badz14948d ago

keep digging that grave DICE / EA!

Bnet34344d ago

lol people said that after the Battlefront 2 loot box gate. Now everyones riding them for BF 2042. Got em!