5 Reasons the Playdate Console Could Revolutionize the Games Industry

The Punished Backlog's David Silbert writes: "Ahead of E3 2021, Panic Inc. revealed new details about its Playdate console. Here are five reasons why it could be a game-changer."

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ApocalypseShadow134d ago

This is actually impressive for what it is. A console for artists not chasing graphics power. And there's potential with the crank on the side. I thought some things up just watching the video. And the honesty upfront is always welcome.

Could that price be a little lower? Yup. Could it fly off the shelf at the magic $99? Double yup. But we'll see how they do. It could have at least been in color though. But different ideas can still be attained from black and grey colors. Interesting.

Thumbs up for trying something new. Especially the crank.