Battlefield 2042 Deep Dive - 128 Players, AI Bots, Huge Maps, Dynamic Events, Specialists & More

Here's Wccftech's detailed report on Battlefield 2042, featuring all the information that came out of a recent press event hosted by DICE.

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Father__Merrin4d ago

If its multiplayer only it should be cheaper compared to COD it has 3 modes campaign zombies multiplayer

Nuclearmoon4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I agree with you, but they dont want you to buy it. The more expensive EA makes their games the easier it is to push people onto their digital service.

gazgriff2k124d ago

looks like everything i want in a battlefield game. the only thing that can ruin it is pc crossplay

PS-Gamer-19864d ago

"The doubled max player count could lead to concerns about roaming around huge maps (more on that later) without actually finding many players to fight whenever matchmaking doesn't put you in a full match. However, Battlefield 2042 will feature AI bots, which should not only alleviate such fears but also provide newcomers with a softer environment to get started in the game."

Ai bots? Don't know how i feel about that.

purple1014d ago

Never played perfect dark on N64? Bots worked well. And had 5 levels of difficulty. From "meat Sims" (Cannon fodder) to pro.

Was good.


Those games are not even close in complexity for bits to be programmed well. By comparison fortnites bots seem to be relatively awful from my understanding.

SizzlingHot854d ago

Fortnite uses also bots (at least on lower levels/ newcommers)... many of these games use them to get the map filled. You need to know that many players join and also leave a game before the map even starts. It would be very unfair to play in a match 64 vs 50 for example

zumlauf144d ago

from what ive read it seems as if the ai bots will only exist in private esque matches with yourself and/or friends but not actual public matches.

Akira20204d ago

Yeah, just not for $70. I'll wait until it's on sale several weeks later as history dictates.

Sniperwithacause4d ago

Especially coming out before Black Friday.


Unfortunately the new sale price for $70 games seems to be $60. Thanks Sony.

annoyedgamer4d ago

Specialists...big yikes. This is the embodiment of the F2P model.

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