Battlefield 2042 Devs Hint at Crossplay and Free to Play News Coming

In a recent press Q&A, DICE hinted at crossplay and free-to-play news coming up at some point in the future for Battlefield 2042.

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Cybermario49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

f2p hmmm, i dont like the sound of incoming fremium

ocelot0749d ago

Unless it's a battle royal. Think cod they charge for the multiplayer and zombies. But warzone is free.

DJStotty49d ago

COD has a single player campaign though, even COD did not try and sell just the MP for $70

ocelot0748d ago

They didn't and I agree but cod black ops 4 didn't have a campaign and charged $60. But then included season passes for maps and zombies plus loot boxes.

Adisoftcafe48d ago

Bo4 had Blackout. This game has no camp. and no br.

annoyedgamer48d ago

The game is already F2P freemium. It just has a $70 startup cost.

DJStotty49d ago

F2P in the future? but $70 now?

Well i will just hold out for the F2P model.

The-VG-shamman49d ago

free to play anything invites paywalls to content.

EazyC48d ago

"Free to Play...Pay to Enjoy"

rakentaja48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Crossplay is my new thing I hate in PvP. You'll even feel the difference in games like Knockout City, where PC owners have a small advantage over console players (you can look around faster and even 120+ fps makes the game even smoother and more responsive).

Fluke_Skywalker48d ago

Yeah I'm not a fan of console vs PC Cross play. PC players have a host of advantages over console players.

chobit_A5HL3Y48d ago

you can bet your ass they're gonna be making those weapon "shortcuts" mtx's rampant if this is "f2p". probably 10-15$ per weapon to unlock all the attachments and a skin or two.