Battlefield 2042 - Reveal Trailer Premiere

Get your first look at the next generation of Battlefield – all-out warfare is back like you’ve never seen it before!

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BigBosss181d ago

That looked sick! Looking forward to the gameplay!

Blade92181d ago

Idk I'm definitely in the minority but the trailer just wasn't impressive to me at all.aybe the gameplay trailer will be better. This is just a reveal trailer though. Still love BF.

crazyCoconuts181d ago

Yeah the trailer looked too wacky for BF. More like something you'd expect for Fortnite or something. That jet move and flying through a tornado? c'mon. I did like seeing the Shanghai deja vu there though. Taking a heli to the top and letting those cannons loose was good fun in IV

RaidenBlack181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

They are also targeting the CoD demographic this time after the success of MW'19 and Warzone.
A new F2P BF battle royale was also considered ... maybe later?

Blade92181d ago

It was just too goofy looking to me. Still I have to admit it's still MILES better then BFV trailer. Ugh...BFV trailer still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I am looking forward to the gameplay reveal though. I'm sure it will be the best BF yet.

seanpitt23181d ago

I think they have ran out of ideas to be honest but we all know that in the actual game will be nothing like the trailer.. What would make it good is bullet damage - for eg if you get blown up legs and arms fly everywhere you cannot get revived by medic, but if you only get shot by small arms fire and get downed you still can get revived by teammates etc… I just hope it’s not like battlefield 5 mechanics they went backwards compared to battlefield 1

r2oB181d ago

@ crazycoconuts

Jumping out of a jet, killing the enemy/jet, and landing back in your jet is something that could be done in previous Battlefield games.

Profchaos181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Yeah I felt like it was mostly pre rendered and a standard frostbite look was applied I'll wait for gameplay footage but it didn't make me go woah actually the last bf game that stunned me graphically was probably BF3 even bfv on PC looked like it had a layer of plastic applied to everything.

aconnellan181d ago

@crazy coconuts

The jet move is a Battlefield classic - this video is from BF3, but it was actually done way back in BF 1942:

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LordoftheCritics181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

This is looking seriously good.

So glad they referenced the rendezook. (the epic jet kill from BF3)

Ashunderfire86181d ago

Yup I was waiting for this comment someone talking about the reference. I see what you did there.

DOMination-180d ago

Honestly IMO you can't judge the game based on a flashy cinematic trailer. Otherwise you could say the Just Cause Mobile game looks sick based off their "non-gameplay" trailer.

Lets wait for the actual gameplay. IMO this looked a bit silly for a game that has historically been a bit more grounded.

Rambokind181d ago

Sick? Like Covid-19 sick?

Good-Smurf181d ago

No campaign so no buy for me until it's on discounted sale.
I like some Battlefield but I guess I'm getting old for stuff like this and not enough to buy it for only multiplayer.

REDGUM181d ago

There's no campaign? Where did you hear or read this?

I_am_Batman181d ago

"I think that's just something that enables us to really lean into what we are best at," Battlefield 2042 design director Daniel Berlin told Eurogamer about the lack of a single-player campaign - something that's been a series mainstay since Battlefield 3. "If you look at the DNA of the studio, what we've been doing for so long, we just said you know what, we're not going to have a traditional single-player campaign this time around, but we're going to put all that emphasis and all those resources into building depth into the multiplayer. Because that is what we do best."


seanpitt23181d ago

I am glad there is no campaign at least all the resources will have gone on MP and that what people play 99% of the time… I mean I have not even touched BF5 campaign

roadkillers181d ago

Honestly, the campaign for Call of Duty and most "war" games are so damn generic. Plus, people buy this game for the multiplayer anyways. Idk, until I see gameplay I'm not buying

monkey602181d ago

The Battlefield 5 campaign was shockingly bad. I wouldnt have missed its occlusion. Although to be fair it was probably my least favourite online game in the series too

RaidenBlack181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

BFV's North Africa's open ended missions were kinda good. But that's about it.
The whole "campaign" was criminally short.

Good-Smurf181d ago

I skipped BF5 after open Beta it just too casual for me.
And I crave for campaign like BC2 but I guess they have to get something right again even if it meant ditching single player.
I'm not their fanbase though and their fans are mostly into Multiplayer.

Chexs1990181d ago

The problem with this is now where the price point will be though.
Typically, Multiplayer only games have a hard time including enough content from day 1 to warrant a full retail price tag.

On top of that, they already announced a battle pass, and I'm guessing there's going to be multiple currencies as well... Which makes me worry

-Foxtrot181d ago

No campaign, most likely filled with MTs or other things to make you pay more and a Battle Pass which again having it is the only way to get extra perks

All for $70

May aswell stamp SUCKER on peoples heads

JEECE181d ago

Lol the idea that anyone has cared about a Battlefield Campaign since the Bad Company series is laughable.

-Foxtrot181d ago


Regardless, they should be striving for Bad Company quality

At least if it's not all that great you're still getting something for your money and something that can be played when the servers eventually go down.

JEECE181d ago

I'd rather just have them make a better multiplayer so that the servers stay populated longer. I still play Battlefield 1 (not the best Battlefield game, but pvp multiplayer offerings were so bad last gen compared to the prior gen that it's still the best option), and there are still plenty of good servers on PS4. However, there is a zero percent chance I'm going to go play the singleplayer in 4 years when those servers are dead. That's just a thing people say, but no one, including you, actually means it.

It's honestly baffling to me why, after we emerged from the "every single player game needs a tacked-on multiplayer component" era and singleplayer studios started putting all their focus on what they are best at, people can't understand that the same logic works in reverse.

StoneyYoshi181d ago

EA has stated the battle pass will be cosmetic only with a free and premium option. Similar to COD I'd assume. We will see when it happens but I'm hoping they aren't going to lie considering all the backlash they have gotten with BF5 and Battlefront 2.

D3TH_D33LR181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Oh no! Gamers who like different things! Tell me, how many have you played and how often do you bother replaying any of them? My guess? You don’t even play these games so why should we care?

badz149181d ago


the fact that there is no campaign is not the problem but they are charging full price on both last and this gen which is the problem! MP only FPS for $60 and $70 current gen?? if their plan is to mimic CoD BO4, they are very late to the party already and CoD Warzone is the same thing and THAT is F2P!

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JEECE181d ago

I do expect to see a fair number of comments like these, but I think EA learned their lesson on this when, after years of hearing people whine about campaigns, no one cared about the campaigns in Titanfall 2 and Battlefront 2.

LordoftheCritics181d ago

Titanfall 2 campaign was the highlight. That was the best reviewed aspect of the game. Every level had an innovative twist to it.

victorMaje181d ago

The campaign is one of the main reasons I still recommend Titanfall 2 to friends.

-Foxtrot181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

People praised the campaign in Titanfall 2 though

Battlefront 2's campaign was awful because they put no effort into it and the story was laughable. Here's a die hard Empire fanatic who swears herself to the Empire despite seeing the Death Star II blow up...5 MINUTES LATER...she's one of Leias trusted rebels.

Maybe people don't care as much because most of the time they put no effort into them when they should be, rather than going "EA you guys need to improve the single player and put some heart into it" it's now "EA I don't mind you removing the single player and charging the same price for the game, I'll buy whatever you want". Yet in the next breath it's then "EA are awful, why do they treat gamers like this, like we are idiots"


RaidenBlack181d ago

"no one cared about the campaigns in Titanfall 2" ~ you are kidding right?
Its one of the most lauded FPS campaign in past generation.

JEECE181d ago


I should have clarified; I'm aware of the critical reception for TF2's campaign. I mean that people didn't care in that it didn't help the game sell. People talked this big game about "no campaign, no buy," and then when Titanfall 2 added a campaign (which we've established was actually good in terms of quality), those people still just bought COD instead (and ironically probably didn't play the campaign in that). So when I say EA learned their lesson, I'm saying they learned that the people who act like the presence of a campaign is going to be a major influence on purchasing are either a very tiny but loud minority or just full of crap.

181d ago
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StoneyYoshi181d ago

There will be offline modes you can play to just go against bots. There wont be a story but it's the closest thing to single player. You'll even be able to just do a match with your online squad vs only bots.

CorndogBurglar181d ago

There is. You can play on a server full of nothing but bots if you want. And you can also have a full multiplayer match that fills spots with bots until real people join also.

D3TH_D33LR181d ago

The games multiplayer is the story. It’s being told in seasonal chapters. As a 31 year old dad gamer, I’m still all for it

giveyerheadawobble181d ago

If this seriously has no campaign, then they can keep it. In fact, they can keep it anyway. EA/Dice have taken one too many dumps from on high in the past couple of years. The jokers are asking 70 quid for this shit too? Shove it. I don't care how good it looks. It ALWAYS looks good...then you play it and lo and behold, it doesn't look half as good as the trailer, then the bugs, the microtransactions, the unfinished game. Oh my...

181d ago
masterfox181d ago

what no campaign?, the hell with this BF then, not to mention it seems more of the same.

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plmkoh181d ago

Was just 5 minutes of non-sensical cuts and noise. Terrible.

BenRC01181d ago

Plenty of boring early access military realism sims on pc if you don't like fun.

D3TH_D33LR181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Lmao fr. There’s a really poor underfunded market for the hardcore shooters he’s after on pc. It’s underfunded because they’re not usually fun lmao. Tarkov is really the only decent one atm and squad. Talk about painful experiences and hours of boring gameplay though

181d ago
JEECE181d ago


Legitimate question, what are these better military fps games you speak of that aren't on PC? I'm just assuming you aren't talking about COD or Rainbow Six: Siege (at least I hope not). I enjoyed Tannenberg, but the community for games like that on console fades pretty quickly (whereas BF1 still has solid servers).

Blade92181d ago

I don't think it was terrible was just not impressed. It was too goofy and silly. It just didn't feel like a proper battlefield trailer, the trailer just made no sense at all.

Now BF1 trailer that was a good reveal trailer sure it used a popular song but it was heart pounding, right to the point, full of action that actually makes sense like you knew what was going on in the trailer, and there was nothing silly about it with those set pieces compared to the BFV and new trailer.

I think the gameplay trailer will be better. Either way I am looking forward to the next BF.

CorndogBurglar181d ago

Yeah, BF1 had a good reveal trailer. But the game sucked balls.

And as silly as this trailer was, its much more true to how an actual game of BF goes. People have this weird idea that BF games are like ultra realistic military games, but they aren't. Matches are silly and silly things happen in them.

badz149181d ago

if they would have called this Just Cause 4 MP mod, I would believe it!

Shubhendu_Singh181d ago

Better than BF1 trailer which was pretty good not gonna lie.

Gameplay footage on 12th June people, just wait 3 more days. This trailer is just for visuals and hype.

Blade92181d ago

Gotta disagree with that. BF1 trailer was straight and to the point, you knew what was going on with the action and set pieces and it wasn't silly at all. BF 2042 trailer was just all over the place, it was too goofy and silly to me.

OtterX181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

That scene where the pilot ejects out of his jet with a rocket launcher, somehow manages to shoot it midair, then lands safely back on his jet.... I was like, is this Just Cause? @3:50 the tornado shows up..... yep. XD

LordoftheCritics181d ago

That jet scene was a tribute to fans of BF3. That actually happened in BF3 multiplayer.

D3TH_D33LR180d ago

Loopzuke is as old as the very first battlefield game bf1942

Spenok181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

LordofCritics is right. Someone pulled it off and it was STUPID epic. Them paying tribute to it was pretty freaking cool if you ask me.