PS5 June 9 Update Fixes Battery Life Indicator for DualSense

Sony has pushed out a new firmware update for the PS5, and this fixes the DualSense charging indicator from just blinking to showing the proper bars.

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waverider46d ago

Thats a very usefull patch. Nice!

MaximusPrime_46d ago

There you go. The other day I was telling people if there's an issue with controller battery. They had a go at me...

So it's the stupid battery indicator that misled me..

excaliburps46d ago

Same. It was always blinking even if it had 50 percent! I was like, "why isn't it charging? Faulty cables?" Sigh. And then I find out it's an error.

Profchaos46d ago

Good I was always like what is wrong with my controller after playing for 1-2 hours it would be flashing

Nitrowolf246d ago

Yep same, glad it’s fixed

Sayai jin46d ago

Never had that issue. Now where isbthe update for storage

justsomeoffdude45d ago

This.... 8 months and no new about the storage expansion support

Sayai jin45d ago

Yeah. I thought they would have this feature working by now.

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