Dinosaur-Themed Video Games Were Once Incredibly Popular. What Happened?

Dinosaur-themed games like Dino Crisis and Turok were everywhere in the late 90s and early 2000s. What happened to this once popular sub-genre?

GaboonViper847d ago

Would kill for a new Turok and Dino Crisis.

sourOG846d ago (Edited 846d ago )

How is it different than any other genre? They milk it for everything it’s worth and oversaturate the market, kill the interest and move on to the next. Then they bring it back after a hiatus.

ZeekQuattro846d ago

Zombie themed videogames took over.


Interview: Discussing Exoprimal, Its Dinosaurs, and Dino Crisis

Siliconera spoke with Exoprimal Director Takuro Hiraoka about the game, its dinosaurs, and the possibility of a Dino Crisis crossover.

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Exoprimal Is No Dino Crisis, But I'll Take It

Exoprimal regrettably isn't Dino Crisis' much-needed revival, but a fun and hilarious game that could do wonders with consistent content.

darthv7277d ago

I've read many who say this game is mad fun... rough around the edges, but otherwise fun.

phoenixwing76d ago

unfortunately there is no true solo play so i can't really play it due to my crappy connection

Goosejuice76d ago

It's actually quite a bit of fun. Solid 7.5 for me. I wasn't expecting it to be any good but iv played it most nights since it hit gamepass. Maps can be a bit repetitive and dinos variety kinda lacks. It opens up more as u play but I will say it takes awhile before getting anything new.

MetroidFREAK2176d ago

I've been enjoying this game since I bought it. Win or lose, it's a great time

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bangoskank76d ago

I'm not. This is a huge misstep. Based on their last showcase I believe Capcom is about to take a bit of a tumble from grace starting here.


7 Game Series in Need of a Reboot

Rebooting seems to be all the rage these days, so here's Chit Hot's picks for seven game series that need a reboot.

RavenWolfx125d ago

Dino Crisis and Legacy of Cain I can get behind. The others, meh. I would also love to see a Remake of Resident Evil: Outbreak, Legend of Dragoon, and Jade Empire.

SpacedDuck125d ago

I absolutely love Banjo Kazooie but holy crap is a Dino Crisis remaster such a massive opportunity for Capcom.

The engine they have used for the RE Remakes is perfect and it would be so cool to see the first two games remade.

isarai125d ago

Mercenaries, True Crime, Dead to Rights, Max Payne, Manhunt, Duke Nukem, Prince of Persia, Burnout, Matrix, Outrun, Jet Set Radio, Otogi, Kenka Banco, Syphon Filter, Power stone, San Francisco Rush, and despite not being a series, BLACK

banger88125d ago

The Saints Row reboot needs a reboot. Saints Row 2 holds up quite well, but the original needs a remake at least. Keep everything exactly the same, just with better graphics.