Scarlet Nexus Is Not Headed To Xbox Game Pass

According to Bandai Namco, the upcoming action RPG, Scarlet Nexus, is not headed to Xbox Game Pass

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DarkZane221d ago

Most third party games new releases will not be heading to gamepass. Outriders was one of the exceptions.

phoenixwing221d ago

I'm ok game pass exists to help cheap gamers but I don't mind paying 60 to support devs and keep quality games coming to my platform of choice.

Drew345221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

It's like I said before, regardless of the amount of subscribes Game Pass has, these larger studios aren't exactly knocking down the door to get on there, which means people talking about Game Pass still have to pay full price for games.

221d ago
phoenixwing221d ago

My above comment has nothing to do with console wars as I prefer pc for my platform of choice.

autobotdan221d ago

Good. Just purchase the game. To show support and get more simular games

Orchard221d ago

No plans “at this time”. I suspect the rumors were accurate and this is probably an Xbox E3 announcement. Watch this spot.

Lore221d ago

Ouch. Maybe in late 2022.

RedDevils221d ago

When it on sale it will be on game pass

GoodGuy09221d ago

The game wouldnt do well sales wise then lol. Im sure itll go on gp eventually though a year away or so.

Welshy221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Surely if they weren't confident of it's ability to sell they would have it on Gamepass as a safety net? Totally illogical comment.

As much as I can't argue with the value of Gamepass (especially on promotion price), I hate that it breeds this mindset of not buying or owning your own games anymore if they aren't in Gamepass. Gamepass should be a complimentary service with your purchases of games you actually want, you shouldn't just play what you're told you can play by any subscription.

Angyobangyo221d ago

You Xbots are funny. Day one gamepass release, it’s the greatest thing ever, gamepass rules. Doesn’t come it gamepass day one, it won’t sell well anyways.

You are a fickle bunch.

RedDevils221d ago

This type of games sell most on Playstation and Nintendo regardless lol

neutralgamer1992221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Won't end up on GP unless Ms's willing to write up a huge check. Most 3rd party blockbusters won't end up on GP at launch. Gamers should keep these expectations in check. These third party publishers are in the business of making money they're not out here running a charity event. Regardless of what Xbox fans think of gamepass for big publishers funding these hundred plus million dollar AAA Blockbusters it won't make a lot of sense to put them day one on a service costing $14.99 a month (not unless Microsoft is willing to write a blank check basically)

If a publisher thinks a game will sell 5 million on Xbox, and by putting it on game pass it will sell 2 millions, then Microsoft has to cover up the 3 million in sales even after taking in their 30%. That's still a lot of money. I know a lot of gamers like me don't think about the business side but end of the day they're all trying to make as much profit as possible nobody's out here trying to do favors for Nintendo Sony or Microsoft

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The story is too old to be commented.