Up Close and Unboxed: New Cosmic Red and Midnight Black PS5 DualSense Controllers

Enjoy many unboxed pictures of Sony's soon-to-be-released Cosmic Red and Midnight Black PS5 DualSense controllers.

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Orchard58d ago

The red is ugly, but my god the black one is perfection. Imagine if there was a matching PS5.

Sonic-and-Crash58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

i disagree ...i like the red one ....though i m waiting for the PS1 color to be released --Dualsense in PS1 colors i will buy 2

58d ago
darthv7258d ago

There already was a DS4 in PS1 colors. They likely wont make another as that was to coincide with a special anniversary of the PS. There may be other themed ones however.

darthv7258d ago

You can get dark plates to make it match. I ordered some from dbrand not too long ago so mine should arrive soon.

Aquafiniac57d ago

Both look really good imo.
But idk if it’s just me but those color less buttons is ugly.

57d ago
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58d ago
ScootaKuH57d ago

I have my red one pre ordered

Kurisu57d ago

Same! And I've just managed to secure a PS5 through Very.

Sniperwithacause57d ago

Yep, recieved an email a few days ago from Sony saying they will be charging my card soon. Day one!

ScootaKuH57d ago

Brilliant! I did nearly go for the black, but I thought the red was much more striking

1nsomniac57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

All the colours look really, really tacky and cheap looking. I tried to order the black one last week for my PC. until I realised they were charging a premium for it because it was black…. So I passed, I’ll go without or buy another Xbox one when my current one finally dies.

mudakoshaka57d ago

Hahaha, man are you getting downvoted!

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The story is too old to be commented.