Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Was Reportedly Developed In A Crunch-Free Environment

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart was seemingly developed entirely within a crunch-free environment, crafting a great PS5 showcase while keeping the team healthy.

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Orchard106d ago

Great if true. The industry needs more positive stories like this.

JenGotGame106d ago

Insomniac really is the gold Standard. R&C 2016, Spiderman, Miles, now R&C rift apart all in 5 years, no crunch mostly bug free with some of the highest graphical and technical fidelity is just insane.

jukins106d ago

Hell dont forget the excellent vr game l, Stormlands, they released as well. Insomniac may well be sonys most capable studio atm.

darthv72106d ago

he comes around now and then. Its been a few months since the last time he was seen.

OtterX106d ago

Noooo, the Soggies have won!

((jk though- really happy to hear that Insomniac has such a great production environment!))

LucasRuinedChildhood106d ago

Colin Moriarty is very insistent that it's not possible to make games without crunch, and says any developer who has a problem with it should just choose a different profession.

Have my doubts that he'll address this story, tbh. haha

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RaiderNation106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

LOL, now I'm wondering if this is going to start being printed on the boxes. Kind of the way chicken at the grocery store has "cage-free" on the packaging.

ajax17106d ago

lol, yeah. "Our games are developed cruelty free"

RaiderNation106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Ha! What do you call a crunch-free environment? A creamy environment? "This game was made in a chewy environment."

106d ago
Tacoboto106d ago

It really is more than just a way to price gouge us.

Those happy pasture-raised chickens with the deep orange yolks, compared to generic Hickman or Kroeger eggs.... you can never go back, it's just not the same.

RaiderNation106d ago

Oh I know. I buy cage-free/anti-biotic free too. The title just cracked me up because that was the first thing I thought of when I read it.

isarai106d ago

Hell if it helps promote better work environment, DO IT! It's one of the biggest industries on the planet, yet so much goes unregulated and unchecked.

zsquaresoff106d ago

That's great to hear, they should share their formula with other developers on how to make a great game, without running their workers down the ground.

Vizigoth04106d ago

Probably working from home.

buffig106d ago

And great leadership. That kind of culture comes from the top down. Well done Insomniac boss people

tombfan106d ago

Insomniac are truly the wizards of gaming.

Darkborn106d ago

Sony bought the golden goose it seems with this studio.

NotanotherReboot106d ago

Nice so this means ND should make jak and Daxter this way

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