MyGamer Review: Warhammer Mark of Chaos - Battle March

MyGamer: "Warhammer has been around long enough, and has enough back story explaining every nuance of every character's actions that it has a habit of making the story around Warcraft look shallow and empty. Battle March does very little to justify to the player who any of the main characters are, or how they relate to one another for anyone who hasn't read the volumes of text pertaining to the story. All told, Battle March does still manage to be a rather competent real time strategy game.

Unlike other strategy games, Battle March has no base building of any kind during gameplay, instead the units that are taken into battle are the ones that the entire area must be finished with. This adds an element of pressure to every map as when a unit dies, they are gone forever. Combined with the customization of new equipment for every unit, and the ability for them to gain experience and level the more they are used, this adds a sense of risk when sending a unit out as it may be lost forever.

This is felt especially hard when a hero unit is lost, as these units are vastly more powerful than standard units. The problem that this causes is the desire to never lose a single unit, ever, in any battle. As with most strategy games, these battles can last upwards of an hour, sometimes with only a handful of the player's most powerful units in play. A single bad choice at the end of an encounter can cause a hero unit to fall and die for the rest of the game, and the options are then to reset the area or continue the rest of the game without them."

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