Circuit City Officially Desperate, Offering $40 HD/Controller Combo

Circuit City might be reading Chapter 11, but that means deals for you. It's offering 20 GB 360 hard drives, and a controller, for $40. Recent Arcade buyers can round out their console for cheap.

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Raoh3630d ago

still a good deal if it is.

the free 20gb drive microsoft is offering to arcade/core owners is also refurbished.

truehunter3630d ago

why dont they push a 120GB HDD. Thats what need the most.

Heldrasil3630d ago

Because they are probably trying to clear the stock they have...they need to get of the sh*t fast so it doesnt stay on their books.

kwicksandz3630d ago

Much like how sony dumped their extra sixxaxis on europe, they are clearing their old stock.

yojoe263630d ago

i'm going to circuit city now.....

CrazedFiend3630d ago

If only I wasn't in Japan now (>_<)!

DevastationEve3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Actually sounds like a good deal. Get your Arcade sku, and then grab this while it lasts. Or just grab this and wait until the newer Arcade ships with 256MB of internal flash.

Either way, it's sad to see Circuit City in bad shape. I remember being a little kid and looking through their ads thinking "Holy cow! Great prices!"

(I know, I know. Kids don't think about prices, lol:)

Well, at least Fry's is still kicking!

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The story is too old to be commented.