Craig Morrison: Letter from the Game Director

Age of Conan Community Site Director Craig Morrison said:

"With the announced start of the server merge process not quite having gone as planned I wanted to take the time today to speak to you all explain where we are at with the merge process and what the schedule looks like.

Basically, on Wednesday when we came to do the first live merges we encountered an issue with the structure of our data that we hadn't found or experienced during testing. This issue caused there to be a risk, on some servers, under specific circumstances, of items having non-unique identifiers in our database. This in turn might have lead to some cases of player's items not surviving the merge. It didn't happen at all during our testing, and may have been (in the scale of all players and all items in the game) a possibly rare occurrence. However this was not an area where the team and I were willing to take any risks with whatsoever.

This is also exactly why we decided not to announce all the merge schedules in advance and to ensure we could do them in a live environment first before we went ahead with all the merges. While it is never 'nice' to have your contingency plans called into action, this approach has meant we caught a potential issue before it could possibly affect people's actual game experience."

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Avery3603d ago

DX10 on test server in a week or so then live in january potentially. Sounds like good news to me.