Bethesda, Xbox and We Are Robots Create Legendary Blackwood Controller

Rocket Chainsaw: Bethesda and Xbox have teamed up to arrange a Blackwood custom controller by Aussie artist We Are Robots.

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DJStotty173d ago

That is one nice looking controller, especially the little protruding horns at the top.

Hopefully these will go on general sale and i will definitely pick one up.

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SullysCigar172d ago

Agreed, it's hideous. It's like someone designed what a demon's lady parts might look like.

DJStotty172d ago

Some people will like the design scheme others will not, it's all opinions.

ScootaKuH172d ago

Ti's true. My opinion is that it's ugly 😏

DJStotty171d ago

And i respect your opinion ScootaKuH

anast172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

Is Zeni going to improve the graphics? It's a cool game, but it so ugly. The controller looks great, btw.

aaronaton172d ago

Legendary...i'm sure they will teach our kids about this controller in schools one day.

rlow1172d ago

The devils in the details. Seriously, looks great but also very glossy.

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