Shacknews : Rock Band Passes 28 Million Downloads

Nick Brekon writes "The latest issue of Harmonix' Rock Band Community Zine included some staggering statistics detailing the performance of the music platform's downloadable content.

Most notable is the company's claim of pushing over 28 million Rock Band track downloads to date. The Rock Band store now boasts 345 downloadable tracks by 239 artists, and has seen DLC added for 55 consecutive weeks."

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LokMessier3602d ago

Nice job Harmonix, keep up the DLC for the customers [ just please don't release any new software discs for a while and all shall be good. ] Though perhaps peripherals that are more enhanced than the last would be good, I hear tales that the drums were breaking out of the box, but the guitars were okay. I think?

benny o klaatt3602d ago

i got about 40 tracks of DLC, can't wait for no doubt. More software discs are a good thing, maybe not ACDC, but thats just one band. If Panteras greatest hits, Or Korn, or Queen live at wembley showed up i'd literally cack myself with excitement.