Dealzmodo: Xbox 360 Pro with Three Games for $284 Shipped Today Only

Gizmodo: "Well, look at what we have here. Dell is selling the Xbox 360 Pro (with the 60GB hard drive), along with Lego Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda, and Madden NFL '09 for the one-day-only price of $284.05. The system normally retails for $299 alone, so you better believe this is a Dealzmodo."

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Raoh3603d ago

saw this earlier. i would go for it if it were flashable but no way to tell.

currently the jaspers are not flashable.

the 360 is the new dreamcast, great console for free games.

Valin3603d ago

You are the scum that festers below the scum of the gaming community........

Raoh3603d ago

for getting free games?

i can understand why you would say that. after owning a 360 that failed twice and the last one was so loud i traded it in for a second ps3, i can personally in my own opinion say that i dont find the 360 to be of value as a console/media center i would fully invest in.

truth is a cheap alternative like a flashable 360 is of value during tough economic times.

i went to best buy to buy a 360 (my 2 ps3's and tv's were stolen this week from my home and a family member is buying me a tv and a ps3) so i said let me get a cheap 360 now as well.

but when i tallied up the console, wireless, gold membership, etc.. its just not worth the value.. when you can get more from the ps3 for the ps3.

so yeah a cheap flashable 360 is cool.. a 360 i have to invest in for a handful of games is not.. its not that i condone pirating, its that i dont see the 360 as a value unless you can pirate it.