ZeniMax Boss Doesn't Consider The Elder Scrolls Online "To Be An MMO"

According to studio director, Matt Firor, the traditional definition of an MMORPG doesn't really apply to ESO.

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iplay1up2720d ago

At least this game is going to be on all consoles. The More players the better!

Nerdmaster719d ago

Great. So please release an offline mode so we don't need to see so many other players running around and killing the monsters we were supposed to be killing, if it's not really an MMO.

UncertainCategory719d ago

The title is mildly misleading, full comments below:

"I don’t really consider ESO to be an MMO, in the traditional 'MMORPG' sense of the word, because that term is freighted with a lot of definitions that don’t apply to ESO (tab targeting, mouse movement, PC-only, super hardcore, etc.)," Firor said. "At this point, so many game types have underlying 'massively multiplayer' technology that MMO is becoming even more dated as a term."

Christopher719d ago

None of those have defined MMO, though.

MMO is literally what it stands for and nothing more.

Aggesan719d ago

By his definition not even Final Fantasy XIV is an MMO. Ridiculous.

FPS_D3TH719d ago

Ha no it definitely is and it’s definitely why I won’t be bothered with it. Lemme know when it’s back to single player instead of some bs attack cooldown 50 people to one monster gangbang

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