Stink At StarCraft? Live In Korea? Look Abroad.

Sure, Korea is the place for professional StarCraft players. There are 225 pros (including three lucky foreigners) registered with the Korea e-Sports Association. But, imagine this: You are a Korean pro-gamer with good hair who stinks at StarCraft. What do you do? Think Europe! The best Korean Warcraft players have hooked up with Denmark's Meet Your Maker (MYM) gaming club. Says Danish MYM manager Jakob Dreyer:

Korea has some of the world's very best Warcraft players, which is why it is natural to hire our Korean gamers, who are still being among the best in the world... Our Korean players normally meet up offline. They live, train and meet in the area around Seoul, either in Internet cafes or private... When it comes to overseas traveling, MYM pays everything related to traveling and accommodations.
Interesting, but what is it with Korea and StarCraft? I mean, seriously, what's with the default setting?

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