Dying Light is Getting Another Story Mode

Techland: Dust off your weapons and turn on the old arcade machine again, adventurer. Something’s happened inside Ba’al’s Temple and now you can feel two energies calling you from within. One seems familiar, you might’ve heard it before, answered it even. Yet still, it feels changed. But the other one, it’s new. Though mysterious and eerie, the more you listen to it, the more it attracts you. So much that you can’t help but peek at what’s behind the portal…

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542d ago
jjb1981541d ago

Beside the Previous Lighting vs New Lightning, this looks great!

jamesclark1991541d ago

Is this an official expansion? Or some sort of Steam mod?

Lord_Sloth541d ago

It's official. It was unveiled as it's own game then vanished and then resurfaced as DLC for Dying Light.

jamesclark1991540d ago

Fairplay to them for the continued support!!

jjb1981538d ago

I see that no one seen the new lightning.