Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Gets Introduced by PSO2Comi's Characters In Funny Videos

Today Sega released two new videos introducing the Phantasy Star Online 2 spin-off Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis.

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RaiderNation46d ago

Is this ever coming to Playstation in the U.S. ?

Teflon0246d ago

At this rate I doubt it. It's getting beyond ridiculous now.
Literally the saddest spit in the face to fans lol

RaiderNation46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Especially considering we just got Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate, about to get all the Sonic stuff, and we already get all the Yakuza stuff. So weird this game is being kept away from US PlayStation gamers. Is MS money-hatting Sega to keep this exclusive or something?

-Hermit-46d ago

How is it a spit in the face to fans? Most Phantasy Star fans outside of Japan have been playing Phantasy Star Online games on Xbox and PC since the mid 2000's. If they have been waiting well over a decade to play another Phantasy Star game, then they obviously weren't fans in the first place.

Sony had 8 years to give Sega an incentive to bring the game to the west, they never took that chance and Microsoft did. I don't see how this is any different than Sony getting exclusive (or timed-exclusive) rights to games like Persona 5.

"So weird this game is being kept away from US PlayStation gamers"

It's not though, nothing is stopping you from playing the game but yourself.

RaiderNation45d ago


Dont get your knickers in a twist. I simply asked a question. I see no reason for Sega not to make PSO 2 available on PlayStation in the U.S. And why does Sony have to provide Sega an "incentive" to localize it? Is making your game available to be bought by 40 million additional gamers not enough of an incentive? Why should Sony have to "sweeten the pot" for a game like this in the first place? If MS is money hatting this game to keep it exclusive then fine. At least I'd know why. Otherwise it makes no sense.