Have your gaming habits changed as you've gotten older?

"My gaming habits have diverged from what I typically used to play. What to do, other than yell about it into the void?" - Jez Corden, Windows Central

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Popsicle838d ago

While the author makes some great points and gives some opinions I can really identify with as I age, I feel a portion of the problem is his gaming platform of choice. If the author prefers the single player "loner" experience then Xbox and PC is probably not going to be where they get an experience tailored for them. Based on the complaints in the article, Sony's single player experiences would seem to fit their lifestyle a bit better.

TheColbertinator837d ago

PC has the best single player experiences so you are reaching too far.

Popsicle837d ago (Edited 837d ago )

I would agree if all Sony exclusives were available on PC. Not trying to have a pissing match with you, but in my opinion Sony first party studios have produced some of the best single player experiences to date. I believe PC is the best place to play multiplayer (less cheaters), Xbox games, and single player games like Witcher 3 that are not Sony exclusives. Especially with the modding community.

BrainSyphoned837d ago

My Steam library on a soon to be announced/released handheld device, Sony has no match in the single player realm. Thinking Sony is the end all for single player, even in the third person adventure genre, is short sighted and plain dumb.

Popsicle837d ago (Edited 837d ago )

Yeah personal preferences and opinions on products or how one prefers to enjoy hobbies such as video games are pretty dumb. You got me I am a big dumb dummy.

DEEBO838d ago

Yeah it did.
Went from owning one system at a time to being able to have every console that comes out.🎵🎵
I'm glad I grew up,don't need toys-r-us,I'm not kid.I can buy every system that they ever did.

isarai838d ago

What i like and want really hasn't, but what i have to time for has. I use to spend hours just wandering and exploring in games like elder scrolls, gta, and especially when procedural worlds became a thing like minecraft, no mans sky, etc. But i just dont have the time or energy for it anymore. So now i just want games that get me to the action and keep me there, i dont have the patience for 15-30min of traveling from point a to b for a single mission, give me something linear and consistent. If i had the time i'd still like that experience, but i just dont

darthv72837d ago

Yes, I dont have nearly the same amount of time to play and that has caused my desire to wane as well. There are certain franchises I still enjoy, and for those i will put in that effort to play them.

Vits837d ago

Pretty much my situation as well. I also escalated way down from the number of platforms that I own and play. Going from two or three per gen to only one. Mostly because the amount of time that I can dedicate to games is way down and my notion of value is also completely different - I was that kid that would buy a new console just for a game.

headshotfrosty837d ago

Yes..In my early 40's and have been gaming since the mid-80's. Much less time obviously and just not as stimulated by run of the mill experiences. They need to be fast paced and interesting or I will hard pass. Very few games that keep my attention including the classics. Enjoying making money and being an entrepreneur more. The game of life is more exciting

headshotfrosty837d ago

LOL at the downvote for my playing habits changing over the last 3 plus decades

Sheppard7t3836d ago

Did you really expect anything less? 😂

spdarksky837d ago

Me too at 40s, i'm not gaming as i used to. Used to be able to play games for 12 hours straight for days. Now I have almost 1k games in list (Mostly PC Games). I recalled a few days before that I've been scrolling my games list up and down a few times and said to myself there's no games interest for me to play, the irony.

headshotfrosty836d ago

Yep. I experience exactly this.