Marvel Future Revolution Gets New Gameplay Trailer Showing Spider-Man in Action

Marvel released a new trailer of the upcoming “AAA” open-world mobile game Marvel Future Revolution developed by Netmarble.

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SDuck349d ago

Only way I try this game is if it's also available for PC and even there, I'll delete it unless it's f2p friendly like Genshin

Army_of_Darkness349d ago

Spiderman- "oww, that had to hurt!"

**Sigh **
These one liners.....

sourOG349d ago

Me: AAA mobile? Lmao okay...
Me after watching trailer: well damn... okay!

SenorFartCushion349d ago

As soon as I see mobile I’m out.

GameZenith349d ago

They had me at "AAA" "open world" and lost me at "mobile".

SenorFartCushion349d ago

My Hero Academia did the same thing. That series would benefit from a Yakuza-style open world game

Zeref349d ago

Wow that actually looks kinda cool, not what i expected

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The story is too old to be commented.