Gamervision Review - Midnight Club: Los Angeles

GV: "The Midnight Club series has always been a favorite amongst gamers and critics alike. Making the transition to the next generation has taken a little longer than it should have, but in October, Midnight Club: Los Angeles finally hit store shelves. Promising a mostly faithful recreation of the Los Angeles area down to proper street mapping and famous landmarks, I was eager to get behind the wheel. Immediately upon starting the game, I could tell this racing experience was going to be different than any I'd had before. And that's a good thing.

In Midnight Club: Los Angeles, you play a nameless character, who looks suspiciously like Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino's brother, Blaine, returning home to… well, race. The story isn't really all that important. Nor is it very good. The dialogue is groan-worthy, which is surprising considering Rockstar is generally so good at in-game scripting. Opposing racers will jaw at you across the product placed T-Mobile Sidekicks, but it seems like only ten or twelve lines of dialogue were recorded. Like any game that has such a minimalist approach to the script, you can understand how annoyed you'll get the fiftieth time some guy calls you a "little girl." Honestly though, you guys aren't getting Midnight Club for the story, are you?"

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