GTA IV PC Update: Q&A, new Nvdia beta drivers and Steam refunds

It has not been a good week for PC fans of the Grand Theft Auto series. The latest title in the open world crime action series, Grand Theft Auto IV, has been plagued with bugs since its release. It's gotten so bad that folks who purhased and downloaded the game via Valve's Steam service can now ask for a refund, something that Valve rarely offers.

Meanwhile, Nvidia has released a new beta graphics driver for its GeForce products for not just GTA IV but also for SLI improvements in Left 4 Dead and issues with World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. The 180.84 beta drivers are in Windows XP and Vista versions (both 32 and 64-bits). Thanks FiringSquad. An ATI driver update is expected next week.

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pushergreen4304d ago

wow, pc gaming is sure nice when it works but all these driver/hardware updates seem to make it not worthwhile. My console version worked flawlessly on day one. I can see why pc gaming is dwindling as the developers will find more profit in consoles. I imagine developing for the pc is quite a challenging considering the number and type of video cards and os out their. Anyway, hoping you all get a fix soon as I enjoyed the 360 version immensely.