Persona 5 Royal Could Be Heading To Xbox One, Rated In Korea

Persona 5 Royal is a PlayStation exclusive developed by Atlus but that could change soon. It passed a rating classification in Korea by Microsoft.

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PrimeGam3r48d ago

The rumours were true. Freaking finally! I'll see you on Gamepass!

neutralgamer199248d ago

There was no rating this is fake(hopefully it's real because this series is amazing and deserves all the sales)

This is the issue with Xbox gamers right there what you said. Instead of saying finally can't wait to buy it(if it's actually coming) now it's finally see you on gamepass.

whitbyfox48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

This is the issue with Sony fans, you have to actually buy games and are jealous of Gamepass.

DOMination-48d ago

So you're happy to pay 9.99/month for the privilege of online gaming and get two free games that may or may not be good but you won't pay 14.99/month to get all that plus instant access to ALL first party and major third party content day one, cloud streaming to any mobile device, rewards and promotions if you're a crybaby over "owning" your games. Riiiiight.

If Sony announced tomorrow that they merged PSNow (and made it good) with Ps+ and made it $15 most people on here would be all over it, myself included. And don't say BUT BUT I don't pay that much for PS+ because as N4G loves to point out on a regular basis, GPU can be had for much cheaper than anything Sony can offer right now.

On Topic: This article seems like its nonsense, although Persona to Xbox seems inevitable at some point. Sega and MS have a great working relationship, and they may even be acquired at some point. Most of their recent games have come to GamePass so this wouldn't be a massive shock if it happened.

Aquafiniac48d ago

Buying games or waiting for subscriptions.
There isn’t wrong with any of those choices as long as you like it.

If your a PS fan, don’t let Xbox fanboy tell you otherwise and if your an Xbox fan don’t let PS fanboys tell you otherwise

DOMination-48d ago

@aqua thats a reasonable response and very true. This generation the reality lies somewhere in the middle but by the start of next gen, whether people like it or not, subscription service or at the very least a digital only storefront will be the way this industry evolves. It is happening and people need to deal with it

neutralgamer199248d ago


We can thank ms for that $9.99 online Charge to play. Ps3 did it for free but when your competition charges and gets away with you so can you. What major 3rd party content my man? Most big AAA games from 3rd parties won't come GP until much later after release so it's a service where you can play old games now and in future Ms exclusives

Under no circumstances am I saying GP doesn't have value because I myself pay $14.99 for it but I also realize it's not the be all end all and can't survive like this. Also I always find it funny just because Ms did GP and announce their games will be on it day now Playstation and Nintendo have to follow this and do a similar service. I believe all 3 can do well doing their own thing instead of trying to copy each other

Same way when fanboys ran with the rumor Ms will do away with GOLD than they tried charging DOUBLE. These companies aren't in it for good graces of gamers they all want to make as much money as possible

Ms started Xbox to beat playstation that's a fact admitted by their executives and now their brand is stuck behind Nintendo and playstation. PlayStation made more money in one year than Nintendo and Xbox combined.

Digital store fronts already exist. We have all digital consoles too and we already have services which will evolve overtime. Only thing I don't think will happen is Sony will copy Ms and have a service where they will put their games day one on a service. Ms did it because they had such a small market share and we're being outsold by their competition. They were losing so badly that they stop giving sales numbers. Nintendo or Sony don't have this issue

Netflix in 2021 is finally going to turn profit and how long has Netflix been in business? People act like GP at $14.99 will become profitable. For this service to become profitable and the cost of AAA gaming the service will have to cost upwards of 30-35 per month with 6 months commitment. Unless Ms don't want to push AAA and instead release small AA games with few AAA blockbusters mixed in.

Psn now has existed for a long time and has more games than GP you think if Sony saw huge profits in future they would invest heavily into it. Ms drive halo, heard and Forza into the ground by only utilizing 3-4 franchise that they devalued their own brand

Right now XSX has no AAA exclusive games, It has games you can play on other platforms and a service which offer old games and backwards compatibility to play even older games

If you think or are saying any console will abandon physical and simply go all 100% digital than I don't agree.

GameBoyColor48d ago

Sega loves gamepass money though, this move would not surprise me.

ThomasDaTank48d ago


Persona 5 is part of the ps collection, ps plus players don’t have to buy it. Nothing to be jealous about.

DarXyde48d ago


"This generation the reality lies somewhere in the middle but by the start of next gen, whether people like it or not, subscription service or at the very least a digital only storefront will be the way this industry evolves. It is happening and people need to deal with it."

Except that is not a forgone conclusion. If people push back against it, that is not the way it will be, full stop. Even if that's how the next generation begins, I guarantee that if sales are low, they will introduce disc models. You don't seem to know how this works.

Subscription models will gain traction this generation, but they will only survive if they exist alongside an ownership model. Simple as that.

Sayai jin48d ago

@Neutral, the problem with Xbox gamers? Just stop man. I am and have always been a multi platform gamer and I appreciate when good games come to game pass. Who wouldn't be happy to see a game that eanyed or interes5ed in come to their subscription service. That's only logical.

Also, blaming MS for Sony or any other company to start charging for a service is nonsense. Sony, MS, Ninty are their own entities and can establish any business practices they wish. Sony did not have to start charging. They chose too.

PrimeGam3r47d ago

I buy games. A lot of games I have purchased I've done so after playing them on GP.

Don't be sour because we get great games on our service. Keep buying your games and I'll keep buying some of mine thank you.

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Brazz48d ago

"I'll see you on Gamepass!"
pray that this game is a commercial success and not just "another gamepass game". If this game is not successful on xbox then it drastically reduces the chance of seeing future personas on the Ms platform.

GoodGuy0948d ago

Interestingggg. Hopefully a pc port too. Switch especially. Royal and the other mainline persona games really deserve to come to all platforms. But this could just be a mcsft sega deal as theyve been smitten with eachother as of late.

rob-GP48d ago

The Korean rating is from September 2020 and is for DLC without stating a console. The tweet circulating Twitter was the same one people mocked and used in March when Jez hinted at it coming.

Basically, it's not been rated and the image from the Xbox store is fake.

neutralgamer199248d ago

From the article itself

"while we don’t have a platform listing for this downloadable content listing"

This isn't real. This is old new from September of 2020. By now atlus would have announced it but ten author is the article just came to his own conclusion

Teflon0248d ago

If you're bringing it to Xbox which this doesn't provide anything for. Better bring to switch and PC. I'm tired of Port begging in anything persona related comments.

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