Xbox Series X: New AMD Tech Could Improve Framerate and Resolution Even More

Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox Series X/S will support FidelityFX Super Resolution, AMD's competitor to Nvidia's DLSS tech.

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Orchard226d ago

I wonder if they will apply this to back compat FPS boost games which required the resolution drop to hit 120Hz. Could be pretty cool.

Eonjay226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

According to how some websites are describing it then probably not. This method requires it to be injected into the graphics pipeline. Additional coding needs to be added to the core game. I would love to be proven wrong and for Microsoft to find a way to build it into boost mode itself.

Edvin1984225d ago

Please explain the additional coding needed for the VFRX Y/X index pipe?

Because I am sitting here, and writing some of it I do not see what you are referring to? Unless you mean main api functions prior to the DX11.88?

I rarely will jump into discussions unless is miss information or I can learn something.

Please forward your links, as this is my fav junk food 🤣😂🤣 28514;🤣


Eonjay225d ago


Yes I was referring to the WCCFTech article. They basically said that there was a hope prior to announcement that AMD"s solution could 'automatically' upscale any older title.

This is not the case however. The games themselves need to be coded/patched to take advantage of this new feature. So when he asks whether games from game boost can get extra performance from FSR, the assumption is:. Not automatically.

And it's unreasonable to expect companies to go back and patch all the older 'boosted' games.

DJStotty223d ago


You did not answer Edvin1984's question.

"Please explain the additional coding needed for the VFRX Y/X index pipe?

Because I am sitting here, and writing some of it I do not see what you are referring to? Unless you mean main api functions prior to the DX11.88?"

Grievous225d ago

Developers need to implement it in their game and also it results in pretty bad image quality in a lot of the examples they've shown. Some developers have better rendering techniques developed for their own engines to upscale (checkerboarding).

Sonyslave3226d ago

I wonder if Ms going to use this and their direct ML together?

Wrex369225d ago

I think what's more likely is the ML solution will be more proprietary and will be used by first-party almost exclusively and the FSR will be used by the third-party because it's more of a blanket solution.

porkChop225d ago

I think it depends on how easy Microsoft's solution is to implement, and also how efficient it is. If it works better and is built-in, there wouldn't be much reason not to use it.

thesoftware730226d ago

Oh cool...that's awesome.

Serious this SX and S only or is it coming to PS5 as well?

226d ago
ocelot07226d ago

I have no doubt it will.

Eonjay226d ago

So you can beat that if it's coming to Nvidia's 1060, it's coming to all Radeon products like AMD said it would.... Over and over again.

Knushwood Butt226d ago

Does MS have timed exclusivity on this too?

SierraGuy225d ago

Just timed exclusivity on no exclusives at the moment.

Eonjay225d ago

No it's an open solution supported by GDK, Vulkin and more. It is open source meaning it's literally the opposite of exclusive.

AMDs plan is to mitigate as many advantages that DLSS has over FRS by making it ubiquitous. DLSS is exclusive to Nvidia cards and not even to as many of their own cards as AMD will support.

blackblades225d ago

Duh obviously it will go to ps5 as well why wouldn't it.

Robodrake225d ago

Already confirmed it's on ps5

gravedigger225d ago

This is open source. Only dumb Xbox fans would claim it is an Xbox only because, you know, "full RDNA 2" crap.

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thesoftware730226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

Hmm, I stopped being lazy and did some searching. No one seems to know if it will come to PS5, and if it does it will be a patch at a later date..hmm.

I'm not sure if IGN is being bias here as no PS5 announcement/confirmation has been made, MS actually confirmed/announced for them to say it would be on PS5 would be speculative at this point. No one seems to know for sure.

Apparently MS integrated the tools for FFX into the dev kits.

TheGreatGazoo30226d ago

Stop. Just stop. Rational thoughts will get you no where here. Just scream M$ sucks and Sony Rulz and you'll be good.

Popsicle225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

It’s open source my friends

KillBill225d ago

@Popsicle - being open source though does not mean it will be used or integrated in PS5 in any way. Microsoft confirmed to IGN of their intentions with the open source tech. It appears that Sony though has not. There lies the real question... what are Sony's intentions with open source and is their lack of communication on the tech something more then what it is?

chronoforce225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

It will be implemented on a per game basis, Sony likely won't do or confirm anything and leave it up to the developers. FSR is open source and works on a pretty broad range of hardware including AMD's competitors.

I can't imagine a scenario where a GTX 1060 can make use of it but not a PS5. After the Cerny talk Sony seem to be staying away from the tech talk.

StoneyYoshi225d ago

"AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is supported on the following AMD products: AMD Radeon™ RX 6000, RX 5000, RX 500, RX Vega Series graphics cards & all AMD Ryzen™ Processors with Radeon™ Graphics."

The last part is confirmation that it will be supported...

Mcardle225d ago

Its confirmation it could be supported, whether Sony will implement it remains to be seen. I see no reason they wouldnt though.

Extermin8or3_225d ago

@Mcardle people have stated this several times but imagine spell it out to you seeing as it appears you need it spelled out. IT IS OPEN SOURCE. SONY DONT HAVE TODO ANYTHING. DEVELOPERS SHOULD BE ABKE TO IMPLEMENT IT ON THEIR END IF THEY WANT TO. For example Epic Ganes are implementing it into unreal engine 5. Unreal engine 5 works on ps5... thus so does this. It really isn't rocket science. Microsoft won't have had todo anything either. It'd down to the developers.

Robodrake225d ago

O lord Jesus, we are doing this now, arent we? O boy here we go..

gravedigger225d ago

Cut the crap it is Xbox only. Also people claimed Fidelity FX is only on Xbox, yet Fidelity FX appeared in Resident Evil Village in PS5.

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