With Sony And Microsoft In Next-Gen Limbo, E3 Is Nintendo's For The Taking

Software sells systems, after all.

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Kavorklestein1137d ago

Yeah switch is not next gen and rumors are that it may be in limbo of it's own with a switch pro lol.

This E3 is all about upcoming games. Whoever shows the most compelling lineups and reveals with gameplay, will take the cake.

Charlieboy3331137d ago

Correct....switch wasn't even next gen LAST gen

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masterfox1138d ago

You wish lol , Sony is the only one proving once again that is the only game company that can push this game industry forward , just go and see how many multimillion IPs created so far since PS1, and PS5 is no exception to continue that trend, for first party and third party developers, Imagine if Nintendo were the only company providing new game devices , this industry would just been seen as a simply cheap industry imo.

septemberindecember1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Nintendo pushes the game industry in a lot of ways too. In fact, a lot of the technology in the Dualsense was utilized in Nintendo products first. From the analog sticks to the haptic feedback. Sony pushes the game industry as well, of course, like with VR and their adaptive triggers.

I don't think any one console manufacturer would be good at unilaterally ruling the console market. I think the checks and balance approach is what gives us gamers the best experiences.

porkChop1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

I mean if you want to bring up sales for first party games, Nintendo has both Sony and MS beat.

And as for pushing the industry forward, Nintendo's ideas and innovation have influenced and inspired more developers than anyone else. Sony is really important as well, and they've done a lot of tremendous things for the industry. But don't act like Sony are somehow more important.

masterfox1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

"Nintendo's ideas and innovation have influenced and inspired more developers than anyone else.", really how exactly?, with the gamecube devs hate it cause it limited disc capacity and weird arse controller, with the Wii devs hate it cause they were forced to use their motion controllers into their games, with the Wii U again they were forced to use the controller screen somehow in order to create their game into that console, and for the Switch so far receiving ports from old games of consoles, looking very very badly in some cases, oh but is on the go the Switch?, that's innovation you are talking about?daamnn, one thing all of them have in common, visual restrictions due to its console specs, I can easily say alot about how PS hardware help the industry to keep moving forward but I don't want to write an essay lol, will just move to the games, by multimillion IPs this is what Sony created or helped to create them into Multimillion IPs, oh and this is just to mention a few:
Gran Turismo
Resident Evil
Monster Hunter
Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts
Rachet and Clank
Tomb Raider
Street Fighter
King of Fighters
Devil May Cry
Spider Man
Metal Gear Solid
Silent Hill
Guilty Gear
Blaz blue
Tony Hawk
Castlevania (enjoying your netflix anime people? Sony you welcome :) )
Crash Bandicoot
I mean if I go putting game names heck it will not end, not only Sony helped to create awesome through its history , but also helped lots of developers to put them into what they are now huge Multimillion publishers/devs, for example Rockstar, Konami, Squarenix, Platinum, Capcom, EA, pretty much helped Bethesda as well, seriously there are a lot of them, and again what Nintendo do to help this industry?, oh yeah give devs the opportunity to devs to put their old games into a tiny screen looking in low resolution,.... so yeah thanks Nintendo you are awesome to this industry.........-_-

Damn is turning into an essay 😂, honestly we should be grateful we have Sony Playstation cause if we wouldn't most probably all those few games I mention wouldn't existed imo. :)

neutralgamer19921137d ago


It's easy to sell exclusives games when that's all you have are exclusives before Nintendo switch the last Nintendo home console to get great third party support SNES think about that now. People buy Nintendo consoles for their exclusives and Nintendo IP's or some of the most recognizable IP's in entertainment now it's just gaming.

On PlayStation and Xbox there are a lot more games so sales get divided

septemberindecember1137d ago

This is how you know it's a Sony fan site when the guy who gives credit to Sony for Final Fantasy, Street Fighter and even Castlevania gets a bunch of agrees.

Sitdown1137d ago

Sony thanks you for your blind loyalty while not accepting pay. You really gave Sony credit for Tomb Raider, and King of Fighters just to name a few.

Charlieboy3331137d ago

The reason they have them beat in sales for first party games is that Nintendo's selection of titles is miniscule in comparison. If you only have a handful of new first party games for your system spread over a number of years, of course they will be bought by more people ....that's all there is.

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porkChop1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

You're listing a lot of multiplatform franchises that Sony never touched, yet you credit Sony with creating or helping to create them. Some of them were widely successful before Sony even came around, like Castlevania, Street Fighter, and Final Fantasy. Monster Hunter's rise has literally nothing to do with Sony. Come on, man. Sony's achieved a lot, so why do you feel the need to pad out the list with this crap?

If I have to explain how Nintendo pushed the industry forward and inspired devs then you're clearly a lost cause. Their influence is everywhere, and you're here pretending they count for nothing. What a joke.

masterfox1137d ago

"how Nintendo pushed the industry forward and inspired devs then you're clearly a lost cause"

well at least try with a few lines if you have some facts, Im not against opinions everyone has the right to give one, also not trying to convince anyone with my opinion I'm just throwing some facts that some tend to forget, also I never said "Sony with creating or helping to create them" for some of the games listed, what I said is "or helped to create them into Multimillion IPs" , and the first MH was released on the PS2 so?, yeah don't worry don't need to explain anything , pretty much know a lot of gaming history and I don't want to reply with another kinda essay lol, I know what Nintendo did in the past, to make it simple Nintendo can be reduced to this, if it wasn't because of the Marios, Zelda and Pokemons, Nintendo would just end up like Sega going multiplatform.

Yui_Suzumiya1137d ago

Castlevania is a Nintendo game though. I was playing them on the NES 30 years ago

neutralgamer19921137d ago


I agree with you man Microsoft and Sony have been moving the gaming industry forward. if it was up to Nintendo we would still be getting under spec consoles and having to pay premium.

Switch is not even on par with ps4/Xbox one specs wise, now think about that a console selling for premium isn't even as powerful as those that came out in 2013

Even Nintendo games barely go on sale. They literally charge people $60 for a cardboard box and called it innovation. I always find it funny when Nintendo is doing well their Fanboys want to believe and say they are competing with PlayStation and Xbox and when they are doing poorly they want to say Nintendo is doing it's own thing and aren't trying to compete

Because of nostalgia factor their games are rarely reviewed neutrally, they don't get the same criticism as PlayStation and Xbox just because a lot of these journalists grew up playing on Nintendo consoles

RosweeSon1137d ago

How have Microsoft moved the industry forward other than game pass. Sony have done VR, dual sense 3D audio etc but don’t make out like Nintendo didn’t give the other 2 the majority of their ideas. Credit where it’s due and all that. 4 face buttons on a controller, Shoulder buttons, analogue stick, rumbles, touch screens (ds and iPhones done pretty well from it) motion controls Sony didn’t mind borrowing them for six axis. Wireless controllers wavebird. Nintendo pretty much invent all the ideas (now that sega are gone as they were always ahead of their time) Sony hone and refine them and Microsoft just pick up the scraps and copy what they can. They got a share button now 😑🤣 only took 7 years even switch got a share button but Nintendo got the outdated tech? (Ok it’s pretty weak but when they support it was well as they do/much better than Microsoft, I’ll take the outdated tech so do 100 million others) they got share button 4 years before Microsoft 😑🤣

Yui_Suzumiya1137d ago

Yeah but don't own a Switch Lite for first party titles. I got it for games like Doom, Wolfenstein, Resident Evil, Root Film and Bayonetta.

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Knightofelemia1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Seeing is believing I just want a new Metroid game.