Five Non-Switch Pro, Non-Zelda Nintendo Announcements I Want to See at E3 2021

Half-Glass Gaming: "Here are five Nintendo announcements I want to see at E3 2021, even if some of these are a long shot."

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NecrumOddBoy178d ago

Given up on Metroid Prime 4, I see...

TheSanchezDavid178d ago

I mean, to be fair, these are just five announcements *I* would want. Had it been a "top 10 announcements I want at E3," Metroid would've likely made the cut.

I just personally like stuff like Wario, DK, and Yoshi more -- though much love to Metroid, too!

DarthMarvin176d ago

We've already got DK and Yoshi games, we need other franchises.

BigTrain176d ago

It's time for another console already.

Michiel1989176d ago

Isaac from Golden Sun as a playable character in smash, thats all i want