Horizon Forbidden West water tech took "years" to develop

The Horizon developers hope to make waves with this

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masterfox51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Well it paid off, those effects shown are most stunning water effects to date imo.

LiViNgLeGaCY51d ago

I agree. The water, including underwater effects are incredible looking.

ConsoleAgnostic51d ago

I think the waves look great, but I still think Sea of Thieves has the best water in video games.

StoneyYoshi50d ago

It doesn't have the rolling waves you see here. SoT also has no water deformation. SoT water does look fantastic, there's no doubt about that. I just disagree with your opinion with it being the best water in video games.

BrainSyphoned51d ago

Probably too late to ask but I'd like a robotic dolphin friend named Flipper.

Rimeskeem51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Horizon Free Willy

TheKingKratos51d ago

That would be a DLC and I would gladly pay for it

_Decadent_Descent51d ago

Seeing the underwater scene in the latest demo has me wanting another Ecco the Dolphin game.

TheGreatGazoo3051d ago

You mean like pretty much every new tech?

Applejack51d ago

Not all tech is created equal.

Lionsguard51d ago

Well next-gen fish AI wasn't really all that was cracked up to be.

Babadook751d ago

All new tech takes years to develop? Not really. Companies who want to turn a profit can’t afford to spend years on things willy-nilly.

marioJP8751d ago

I bet!
There’s nothing else currently like it.


It will come to PC, save the best version for last huh 🙃😁 "Sony's decision to release its console exclusives on the PC has been met with plenty of anger and derision from PlayStation fans" The fuck is wrong with people lol dumb asses. First of all the PC does not compete with consoles that's between Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo. I would understand if the game went to Xbox but PC is not in that race. I also have a Switch and if Nintendo went ahead and released a Mario or Zelda game on PC I would be all for it. Especially with what's possible on PC it would really give those games justice.

Shadowsteal51d ago

It will be outdated by the time it comes to PC.

Axecution51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

That article isnt talking about Horizon Forbidden West though.
Making the assumption every single Playstation IP is coming to PC is a bit extreme. Death Stranding, Horizon, Days Gone, Detroit and soon Uncharted 4 - that's a pretty small chunk of PS4 exclusives and they all released yeeeeears later.

It's more likely that Sony is trying to get PC players to switch over to PS5 by showing them how good their PS4 content was. Sony hasn't ported a PS5 exclusive yet and i really doubt they will. I got the PS5 mostly because of how good Sony's exclusive IPs are. I would much rather play them on PC with DLSS and better RTX features but I just really don't see that happening. I cant imagine them releasing their PS5 exclusive games on PC for years and years to come - though, yeah, honestly none of us have any idea lol

Extermin8or3_51d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if it does come to pc in 2-3, years time shortly before the sequel arrives on ps5 hell I could see them waiting till ps6 is announced and due to release tbh. Or only making it available via ps now in pc....

nveenio51d ago

Some games won't be able to be ported from PS5 to PC until SSD drives that can handle them are both available for PC and commonplace. Also, Sony will probably want to get some official DualSense support for the PC first.

Axecution51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Eh - M2 drives are very very very very close to the speed of the PS5 SSD. Fast enough to stream textures in the same way as the PS5, that's for sure - just generally takes an extra one or two seconds to load a game. Official Dualsense support with the triggers and whatnot is on PC as well in Metro Exodus.

It's totally possible i just still dont see it happening lol

Silly gameAr51d ago

It will probably be a big hit too, like Days Gone was.

Babadook751d ago

The best version is the version that you can play when the tech is brand new. As opposed to 4-5 years after.

Robodrake50d ago

Enjoy it in 6 years time.

I would have finished horizon 3 by then

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