Deep Silver Says No Saints Row, TimeSplitters or Dead Island at E3

Deep Silver has revealed that several of its major franchises would not be at E3 2021 or the Summer Game Fest.

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execution17136d ago

Kind of expected TS4 not to be there since they just got a team together for it

Duke19136d ago

Why even show up then? (kidding...ish)

DOMination-136d ago

Their parent (Embracer) owns close to 70 studios now and they have ~150 games in development.. but those three are certainly amongst the largest IP they hold so not an unfair point..

Dead Island 2 is such a weird one - it reminds me of Homefront in that its a sequel to a fairly ordinary game and going through multiple developers and concepts.. unless it is shaping up to be properly amazing, at some point somebody needs to just say this game isn't worth the time and money.

strayanalog136d ago

Some truth in advertising here, as they must really know something(y) that I don't know.

porkChop136d ago

I just hope that the next Saint's Row is a bit more grounded. SR2 was great because in terms of gameplay and story it had just enough wackiness. SR3 was good, and fun, but got a bit too crazy adding zombies and all that. Just go back to what made SR2 so great.

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