God of War director says delay "is on me" as developer receives vile abuse

Creative director Cory Barlog has said responsibility for the PS5 sequel’s direction ultimately lies with him, following negative reactions to recent announcements about the title.

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BigBosss230d ago

Their always have to be cry babies out there who are never happy. I think this delay will help the game out a lot.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said; "STOP WHINING"

VenomUK230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

The stupid salaried video games media they whip up a frenzy with articles where they all copy the same editorial line that Sony is 'disgusting', 'a liar', that it 'betrayed gamers', etc. They do this for a reason - IT DRIVES CLICKS. Then you get the stupid situation that happened with CD Projekt who received death threats for delaying Cyberpunk 2077.

Just look at the articles that have been posted on N4G in the past couple of days, one editor from a website slammed Sony, and on ResetEra they are treating him like a hero and a freedom fighter! No, if any of them had any real journalistic training they wouldn't all being pulling this crap.

--Onilink--230d ago

How does that have anything to do with people that complain or issue threats or insults when a game is delayed?
It happens every time, regardless of the developer/publisher and it really has nothing with the narrative that formed this time around the conversation of Sony’s...lets call it, initially questionable advertising, of their upcoming games

TheKingKratos230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

I really really ... really hate those so called "gamers"
They are not fans ... they are the most filth and vile group of grown up cry babies who think they are entitled to everything

Delay the game as long as you want to make it as good as it can be ,Cory ... I trust you and I know you will give us another masterpiece

VenomUK230d ago

@TheKingKratos. The person who sent that disgusting tweet to Alanah Pearce is nasty but he said nothing about gamers. Why are you saying ‘gamers’ in speech marks? That is the political crap people do on ResetEra to ‘prove’ they are moral and wise. Just because a person makes a show about hating the word’ gamers’ doesn’t mean they’re good - in life I’ve found that the people who do that are anything but.

dcbronco230d ago

Unfortunately the gaming press doesn't have much journalistic integrity because it's been mostly clickbait for years. And it's not going to get any better because people continue to climb n the sites.

TheKingKratos230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

I don't disagree
But as you see in those tweets ... they way they talk like gamers are a punsh of hive minds who share the same views and opinions like the last two tweets where they talk about nasty stuff the way the talk seems like they represent every gamer who wish the same thing

You must agree that there are gamers who say stuff that make you hate being gamer ... if you go to a site like 4chan .. that is one of the worst places where you will find those type of fanboys and man child cry babies

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darthv72230d ago

Even with the delay, GoW2 is still going to take less time than the first. It's not that big of a deal. Good things come to those that wait.

ScootaKuH230d ago

Definitely. Have these people not got anything else going on in their lives? Yes it's fine to be disappointed, but to abuse those creating the game is shameful. We're living in very abnormal times right now and delays were always inevitable.

NeoGamer232230d ago

People that complain like that should have their PS account shuttered by Sony. It is simply unacceptable.

CrimsonWing69230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

I think the whole mentality of a delay being good for a game is the wrong perspective to have when it comes to this. Yes, people need to not get their panties in a bunch over a delay. There are far more pressing matters to get upset over in the world than a video game.

That being said it isn’t like they’re adding anything to the game from the delay. It isn’t like the game is going perfectly well and they’re going to make it even bigger than it would’ve been had it released on time.

No, this means they didn’t do proper management during the development and they’re not going to make their deadline.

Look at Cyberpunk and all its delays. That’s not how delays work that the game will be better. The delay only means that it gives them additional time to develop a game that they weren’t meeting deadlines in the production schedule.

This whole idea of, “Yay, delay means a better game!” Is completely the wrong way to look at delays.

CorndogBurglar230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

And what do you think it means when the developer didn't hit their deadline? Regardless of the reason for the delay, it means the game isn't ready yet. And by taking more time, they are working on the game to make it better than it was. No one thinks delays mean they are adding more content and the game will be bigger and have more features. I'm not sure where you're gettinf that idea. But it does mean they are ironing out issues with the games. Bugs, stability, graphical work, gameplay, etc.

You use Cyberpunk as an example. And its a good example. It got delayed several times and still released as a complete mess. But what do you think it would have been like if they released it without those delays? It would have been even worse.

So yeah, delays don't necessarily mean a "good game" will be released. But a delay definitely does mean "yay, better game". How much better is the question. Whether the game is still good or not at launch remains to be seen. But the same can be said with ANY game, delays or not.

CrimsonWing69230d ago


I hear what you’re saying, but it’s not indicative of the game coming out good is my point or better. If anything a delay should be making people worried more than people being all like, “yay, delay means better game.”

I used Cyberpunk as an example for that very reason. Hell, you can look at a number of games with delays like Aliens Colonial Marines to Duke Nukem Forever.

I’m just seeing people with the mindset of the game will be “better” due to the delay and that isn’t the case. If anything this should be something to worry about. Is content being cut due to programming issues? How were things mismanaged during development?

I see people posting things like delaying the game will make it the best it can be or the delay will help the game out a lot. I mean I don’t know what the cause it for the delay, but all I’m saying is it isn’t good and it’s not indicative that the game will be “better” for it. Like I said maybe something got cut or the game just isn’t running at an optimized performance, which could lead to a downgrade. Who knows?

dumahim230d ago

Yeah, but the subtitle size....


CorndogBurglar230d ago

Apparently these idiots learned nothing from Cyberpunk. They kept hounding and hounding for it to release, even sent death threats. And look at how that turned out, even after delays.

Release games when they are ready. Otherwise we end up disappointed. This is nothing new.

camel_toad230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Yep there will always be those types that think the world revolves around them; those who make the ridiculous death threats. That's not usually the kind of thing one grows out of either.

They'll be terrible human beings until the day they die. (And everyone they knew will celebrate)

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milohighclub230d ago

I think once devs start getting threats, the game should be cancelled. The communities becomee too toxic, shut it down.

Mithan229d ago

9 of these people down voted you.

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seanpitt23230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Why are people shocked at this.. it was inevitable didn’t shock me one bit because I knew It was coming out next year.. when a game goes gold then you make plans to play it (exception to cyberpunk) otherwise don’t trust these release date take them with a pinch of salt especially ones where they just give you a year..

When GTA6 eventually gets announced and a release date, add another year onto it then you will be close to the date when you will eventually get to play it…

Seraphim230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

that's just it. there might be an exception but every single GoW I can recall was pushed back from X year release to March of the following year. Ever since the OG GOW on PS2 and if I recall, including the PSP games as well. Every single one. scratch that. the reboot released in April so there's the exception to the March rule XD

Because of this I knew dam well the game would not be releasing this year.

Teflon02229d ago

Sony games mostly release every time but the end of the year with the exception to games like Little Big Planet etc that o think was always years end. So with Horizon being there I would think even if ready, it would be good to space it out a bit depending on the date horizon is aiming for which is assume October for some reason

isarai230d ago

Wow people still bitching about delays after the Cyberpunk fiasco? I'd rather it be done than ship now

frostypants230d ago

Because kids are taught to feel like victims of literally everything.

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DefaultComment230d ago

Well, hope not but looks like GOW ragnarok is gonna be on that same boat.

-Foxtrot230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

I'm really surprised people are bothered about the delay over it being cross gen

That's what I find most disappointing

It's only one delay, not the end of the world.

Tigerblud230d ago

Is this how we found out it’s coming to PS4?

TheKingKratos230d ago

I think it might be developed first on Ps4 pro then upscaled in some light or draw distance and Fps mode for ps5

Something like Horizon FW

ShadowWolf712230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Somehow I knew you'd have a take like this.

They were mad about that too, btw. Made that quite clear in their rather nasty message.

-Foxtrot230d ago

Well, I didn't read all of them...sue me

But it seems more focused on the delay

derek229d ago

The fact that we're getting a gow sequel 1.5 years into this new console generation is still amazing.

AnnaDea230d ago

It's the same hateful morons that got so worked up over Abby in Last of US 2 and Cyberpunk from last year that shows their ugly mug again.

Cory did the right thing on every point here. In the end he thinks a delayed game will be a better experience, And it will be!

I think they want this out around April next year to line it up with the previous God of War release 4 years ago then.

where-eagles-dare230d ago

So your take is, if someone disliked the characters of the Last of Us 2, they are therefore, an ugly hateful moron.

You are behaving in exactly the same type of manner as these internet clowns throwing around insults because you can't accept that some fans just didn't enjoy the sequel as much.

NewsForSnowflakes230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Not liking a game is fine. Disliking a character is also fine. But that isn't where things end is it? People were embarrassingly pathetic about TLOU2 even before they played the game. Gamers gotta cry "politics!!!" when a company tries to do something a little bit different or interesting.

Pretty sure that @AnnaDea was referring to the entitled crybabies that had send abusive, transphobic, sexist, antisemitic comments and death threats to the actors and game devs (all evidence can be found easily online) just because everyone that isn't a straight white man is "political".

And CDPR also received death threats and abuse of course for the numerous delays. And look how that garbage fire turned out.

Bunch of "ugly hateful morons" is too kind of a phrase for most of these people.

djl3485230d ago

Your reading comprehension skill is lacking.

kimbomma1230d ago

So because you dislike a character in a game that gives you the right to threaten the devs' and voice actress' lives and family's lives? And you think someone off offhandedly referring to these people in a negative manner is equally as bad? Wow!

DarthMarvin230d ago

To be fair, Abby was a terrible character.

where-eagles-dare230d ago

I agree with you and the point that I was trying to make was the fact that you're not allowed to dislike this title without getting your head chewed off by all and sundry. I misinterpreted Annasdeas above post wrongly and read it as insulting genuine gamers who may have had any criticism towards the title. I was not wearing my glasses at the time and I'm as blind as a bat without them, so apologies to Annasdea.

I also want to put it on record that any threatening behaviour towards developers is absolutely reprehensible.

derek229d ago

The Last of us 2 was the best non-vr game I played last generation by far. Such quality workmanship that even if you hate it it should be admired.