The Guitar Hero Generation, Part 2

Tom's Games: "In the first part of our Guitar Hero Generation series, Tom's Games looked at the studio behind the music games, WaveGroup Sound. Now we turn to more of the musicians that have been tasked with recreating classic tunes and popular songs for the Guitar Hero franchise.

Onboard to tell us about their Guitar Hero experiences are respected studio guitarists Steve Ouimette and Lyle Workman. Ouimette has been getting a lot of notice for his guitar wizardry on Guitar Hero III's version of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," and Workman has composed the soundtracks for "The Forty-Year-Old Virgin" and "Superbad," in addition to touring extensively as a guitarist for Sting and Beck. Both musicians explain how far Guitar Hero has come, and where they think the game is headed in the future."

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