GamersInfo Review: Game Party 2 "Game Party 2 for the Nintendo Wii consists of 11 rumpus room and backyard party games suitable for children, parents and grandparents. Surprisingly easy to pick up and play, the game options include: Beanbags, Darts, Hoop Shoot, Horseshoes, Lawn Darts, Ping Cup, Puck Bowling, QB (Quarterback) Challenge, Skill Ball, Shuffleboard and Trivia. Created for solo as well as team play, some games can accommodate up to as many as four teams and 16 players. The learning curve is low; many games are familiar and require little skill to score well.

Each game has a leader board, and high scores are tracked. Players can create profiles and customize their avatars with a variety of body pieces-parts (for example, heads, tops and bottoms). Players need not create profiles to play, but apart from the ease of getting your name up on the leader board with a single click instead of spelling out your name each time, players using profiles will be awarded tickets based on scores or results for some games. These tickets can be accumulated and redeemed for alternative playing equipment, such as different colored lawn darts and player pieces-parts.

There are four game modes: Best-Of, which can be set to 3, 5, 7 or 9 games (some games are limited to only two players); Loser Go Home (3 to 16 players), in which the player with the worst score is eliminated; Winner Moves On (5 to 16 players), in which only the player with the best score from each game moves on to the next round; and Head to Head, which can be used for any of the games."

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