MoDojo: Shaun White Snowboarding Review

MoDojo: " Shaun White Snowboarding's quality varies depending on the platform. The Wii version is pretty good, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are underdeveloped and the PS2 version can't keep up with the superior SSX franchise. Now we have the Sony PSP edition, an on-the-go snowboarder that lets you tackle five mountains and the variety of challenges they have to offer. It's got more quality than we expected, but a few snags keep it from smoothly reaching the finish line.

White's experience and attitude are present throughout the game. You'll run into him in the beginning, as he offers you advice before you begin making your way down the mountain. From there, you're given a series of challenges on each mountain you visit. They're divided into four categories: Speed, Trick, Carve and Slide. Speed is just that, getting down a track as fast as possible to beat a time limit. Trick requires you to perform various maneuvers before you run out of room to snowboard. Carve is a tricky exercise forcing you to take sharp turns in continuation, with no real breaks in between. Slide tests your ability to grind along objects, such as pipes, benches and whatever obstacles get in your way."

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