NXE and PSN - Justifying Live

VGM: "On November 19th, Xbox 360 gamers logged into Xbox Live to update the dashboard of that had worked so well for years to the "New Xbox Experience." With the promise of additions that many had clamored for, as well as a fresh coat of paint, the update brought many smiles to faces, as well as frowns. While some welcomed the change and embraced it, others looked upon it with much disdain. Meanwhile, PlayStation 3 fans turned up their noses at the thought of the Xbox 360 "going the way of the Wii." However, the rivalry between users of both consoles' networks has heated up considerably. It's been an ongoing battle ever since the inception of both systems. With the new look and feel of Xbox Live, how does it compare to the PlayStation Network? Has the price tag been justified, once and for all?"

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Radiodread3603d ago

I bought a ps3. I couldn't stand these new avatars and bland dashboard. I'll wait for Home to come out.

LokMessier3603d ago

That can pretty much sum up the whole article, just at the fact that we have Wii Fan [/boys and girls] as well as the PS3 and Xbox360 ones. This is all everything ever comes down to, but really I actually liked this article, it was pretty well written and enjoyed reading it. Need more reading material like this instead of the usual.



'ZOMGROTFLMAO blu-ray dieing!!! SONY EPIC FAIL!!'

Granted I made sure I spelled the words right at least, many of the posts/contributors don't do this. Anyway more balanced articles would be a nice edition to the site. I come here for news on the gaming, tech, and dev industry. Not for the fan~ish rants.

ASSASSYN 36o3603d ago

6 years of fun...justified enough for me.

Exoil3603d ago

Which means 360 users will hail NXE while PS3 users hail Home.

panasonic233603d ago

wtf u just said u hate avatars but u like home mmmmm i smell fanboy