Report: CDPR Data Breached Files Make Their Way Online, Includes SDKs for PS5, Xbox Series, & Switch

CD Projekt RED data breached files have made their way online, and includes SDKs for the PS5, Xbox Series X and more.

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BlackIceJoe55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

No matter what your opinion of CD PROJECT Red's game Cyberpunk 2077 is, no company should have to deal with this and the blowback from Sony and Microsoft, because their proprietary software was leaked too.

This truly is disgusting and I can't help but wonder if people will be fired because of this.

DarthMarvin54d ago

I don't get it. Are you defending CD Red for not taking network security seriously?

Eonjay54d ago

Seriousness does not protect you from all robbery in just the same way a home security system can't prevent you from all theft.

The blame is on the hacker. My company actually hires people to hack into our system because we know that our overwhelming security systems aren't full proof.

And I'm willing to beat the hacker did it by tricking a worker who doesn't even work in security.

InUrFoxHole54d ago

The blame is on cd project red alone. Any time you don't take Rex Kwon Doe... you will be had sir!

Darkborn54d ago

I understand the hatred this studio gets, but it's definitely gone too far. Death threats and hacking them are something that should never be done.

Binarycode54d ago

Does the leak contain a good game. Or just more garbage edition.