GiN: A Parent's Christmas Guide

Chella Ramanan GiN European Correspondent writes:

"It's December, so that means we can mention the c-word. It's also the time when bumbling parents enter a world they know little or nothing about, only to shriek with horror come Christmas Day, when little Johnny embarks on a mission of mass murder, realised in horrifying detail. Yes, I am of course talking about shopping for games.

Shopping for games is a challenge for the Christmas gift buying parent. Let's face it, it's usually mum's that do the Christmas shopping and your average mum isn't well equipped for the task at hand. For parents about to take the plunge in shopping for games, it's time to do some research.

The games industry always has to steel itself for the New Year, when disgruntled parents begrudge it for making games for adults. Blame is hurled and the industry has to answer to complaints of irresponsible marketing and all the rest of it.

The first lesson for shopping for games is: NOT ALL GAMES ARE FOR KIDS!"

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