Report: “Marvel XCOM” Game, Borderlands Spin-Off & More Unannounced Games From 2K Leaked

A "Marvel XCOM" game, a spin-off for Borderlands and more unannounced titles from 2K Games have seemingly leaked, with credible people corrborating the rumors.

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lelo2play106d ago

Any XCOM game is interesting news...

sourOG105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Yeah I’m with you, I’m interested in any xcom style game. I hope it’s X-men and not avengers though. I’d probably buy either.

BrainSyphoned106d ago

Can I capture mutants and steal their powers to create my own warriors? Plz and thank you.

ZeekQuattro106d ago

A Marvel Xcom sounds nice. The Mario one was surprisingly good. A tactics game I didn't know I wanted. Lol