Gamer Limit: Looking to the Future

Even though it was three years ago, its seems as it was only yesterday that Microsoft unleashed its newest console onto the market, marking the era of high definition gaming. One short year later, Nintendo and Sony jumped into the fray, finally making the "next generation" the current generation. Now only two years later, we have already have begun to hear rumblings of the next console generation and this disheartens me. I feel as though we just have begun to receive the games that take advantage of all that the consoles have to offer. Seeing what this generation offers has left me with one question: Where do we go from here?

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Iraq Resistance ROM3602d ago

future is for the resistance not marines!!

gumgum993602d ago

sure is alot of text in this article.

too lazy to read @[email protected]

Fullish3602d ago

your avatar looks pretty cool.

59fifty83602d ago

to many games to look more out there maybe in 2 or 3 years